alternative - Anywhere, an undemanding project management tool for small teams

3 minutes alternative - Anywhere, an undemanding project management tool for small teams : One of the things that pop up in the head of the Project Managers after having kicked off a project is what is the best way to manage it. Today, with the rapid growth of technology,

One of the things that pop up in the head of the Project Managers after having kicked off a project is what is the best way to manage it. Today, with the rapid growth of technology, we are surrounded by innumerable tools. We have a tool or a mobile application for almost everything. Whether it's for organizing our diet, healthy lifestyle or for planning a complex project with a large team. It's not facile to find the find right one which suits your needs. 

To solve this puzzle, some managing tools allow you to manage every aspect of the project such as segregating projects, delegating tasks & keeping other information about the project in one place altogether. However, with the variety of options available nowadays, the challenge is to find one. To answer this, here we will be comparing Anywhere with a well-known tool Monday to figure out which works best for you.

In order to do that, we will do the comparison of with Anywhere in the following categories:

  • Getting Started
  • Interface
  • Features
  • Plans & Pricing
  • Security
  • White Labelling
  • Customer Support

Getting Started

The signup process of Monday is fairly straight and their onboarding process also starts while signing up which helps you with your initial setup. There is a “Getting Started” video that provides a complete introduction to the application. However, for a first time user, it’s barely enough to take advantage of the features or to even get started.

As a consequence, one has to put a great deal of effort to get themselves familiar with the tool which is not often possible for the teams.

As an alternative to, in Anywhere once you are signed up, you are presented with a few different interactive options to choose from and depending upon how you want to utilize Anywhere, you can choose from Project Management, Client Management, Task Management, Marketing or Sales options to trigger a customized onboarding sequence for you that takes you via a step by step process to help you set-up your first board with ease. And, your team goes through the same experience as well. So they also know the basics right when they start, thereby saving you a lot of time.

Look what our customers have to say about their onboarding experience:

"Very promising Airtable / alternative and competitor, It's super simple to get started with. The support is SOMETHING ELSE. Response via live chat within minutes" - Fabian V

"Fantastic platform and exceptional support team. I am way too busy to spend endless hours on tutorials and documents, and this software has been very meticulously designed to ensure that you can just get going and get the job done." - Sara H


It would be witless to hide the fact that most of our users compare our product with Monday. Simply because the interface is somewhat similar. However, according to them, Anywhere is better because it is simpler. Our users believe it's effortless to get comfortable with Anywhere, not because of fewer features but thanks to the limited number of options to fulfil the objective. As they say: “Too many choices is equal to no choice”. 

Moreover, Anywhere offers a very simple interface with large and dark fonts, no unnecessary options to divert your attention so you can focus on one task at a time. Customizable color codes/ labels & texts.

Anywhere also has only one Table, Kanban, Calendar & File view. Making it easy to manage and find the information you need, right when you need it.

Only one view of each time ensures that you are not lost and that you can find the information you are looking for very easily.


Monday contains a lot more features than Anywhere at the moment. On the flip side, Anywhere is still evolving & has got some unique features of its own which are most suitable for small and growing teams. Such as

Customizable Dashboards: This allows you to have a holistic view of what's happening with your team.

Decisions and Blockers: A lot of team's discussions happen on team chats. Usually, the important discussions get missed in a large amount of conversation that takes place within a team. Decisions and Blockers come in handy here to allow you to mark any conversation as either a Decision or a Blocker; So you as a team lead can see where your team is blocked & how you can unblock them, without needing a call. You can also see what decisions they have made related to a certain task & can directly jump into that part of the conversation to see the full context with just one click.

Decisions and blockers help you know what decisions are made by the team and where are they blocked so you can unblock them on time. Keeping your projects on track

Plans & Pricing:

Monday offers 4 types of paid plans in which the seats are offered in blocks. The Individual plan starts at $8/user/month ($10/user/month if billed monthly). Except for the free plan, you have options such as 3 seats, 5 seats, 10 seats, 15 seats & so on. Therefore, for an instance, to buy a plan you must buy 3 seats (min) which will cost you at least $24/month annually ($30/month if billed monthly).

On the other hand, given that our target audiences are Startups & small businesses, Anywhere categorizes its plans in simple 4 modest categories.

See here:

Anywhere offers a fixed flat monthly fee based on your team size. Check out the table below for comparison:

Anywhere offers a fixed cost model as against a per user per month billing that Monday offers.

Along with this, Anywhere offers an unlimited number of automations, whereas Monday has this feature starting from “Standard plan” ($10/user/month) & that also limits to 250 automations per month.

Features like 2-factor authentication (2FA) are also available in all plans of Anywhere & Custom Roles are available from the Standard plan costing only $99/ month for up to 50 users.

Anywhere offers a flat monthly fee. No surprises in your monthly bills.

White Labelling:
In a nutshell, white labelling is a feature that allows you to use a 3rd party product as your own. You can customize every aspect of it right from the brand colors, URL, email, & logo to customize the product & use it as your own.

Anywhere really shines here. While Monday only allows you to put your logo, Anywhere offers it right from the Professional plan starting at just $149 per month.

We wrote a separate article detailing how small agencies can increase their value and look professional in front of their customers by using a white-labelled project management tool like Anywhere within their teams. You can read this article here:

Increase your brand value - White label with Anywhere (

Anywhere project management tool offers full control over white labeling options so you can use the product as yours in front of your customers and clients


Both Anywhere and Monday offer high-level security. Some of the security-related options available at all pricing tiers for Anywhere users are

  • 2 FA based on email
  • 2 FA based on Google Authenticator
  • Enable / Disable Lockout of users on attempting to log in with an invalid password for x number of times.  
  • Enable/ Disable registration of new users from login page
  • Auto logout from all other sessions and allow only one session/ user at any given time etc.
  • All data is encrypted at transport as well as at rest by default in all our plans.
Anywhere project management offers comprehensive security settings that you can control for your account

Customer Support

Anywhere is built with customers & for us, nothing is more important than listening to them. This is why we have chat-based customer support available 24*7 where our usual response time is less than 10 minutes. We go above and beyond to solve your queries so you can focus on your business.

This is what our customers have to say about our customer support:

"Awesome customer service" - Wesley Harrison

"Didn't expect a response on a Sunday" - Stephen Revere

"Super-fast service, courteous and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you" -Sergio Pena

Finally, who is it for?

Monday is a powerful project management tool that is flexible & effective in many use cases. However, what if there is another tool available that is undemanding, straightforward & flexible to get started with & comes with a flat fixed monthly fee. Above all, which offers a fully customizable white labelled project management solution for your team that you can take to your customers as your own which is perfectly designed for small teams, and a perfect alternatives to for small teams.

Give Anywhere a go today

Try your 45-day free trial of Anywhere here.

P.S. Monday is an official trademark of We are using the name here solely for a comparative perspective.

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