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Introducing Anywhere - Project management tool for teams

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The team collaboration tool of next gen.

Be it the advent of advanced technology, the outbroke of a pandemic, or a newfound way of working sustainability, Remote working has become the norm of the season. And teams of all sizes, all around the world are jumping on this bandwagon.

98% of responents show interest in working remotely for the rest of their career.

According to Buffer, State of remote work 2020, one of the largest remote work survey reports, almost 98% of respondents showed interest in working remotely for the rest of their career

However, a seamless remote working experience requires teams to equip themselves with tools that are flexible and hassle-free to work. As to ensure effective project management, team communication, employee engagement, and most importantly task completion.

With over 11 years of experience in Project Management, our founders realized, irrespective of the fact that what services and tools are being used for project management, one thing which remains common at wide is the exhausting juggling of multiple software tools and services.

We do not hold anything against any tool or service out there. We believe they work great. But realistically speaking, people in your team may find it as an additional hassle to maintain, manage, and constantly update different platforms for every task. And jump from one to another to get things going. This also often leads to a decreased focus on the important task and less productivity.

To solve this problem, we have come up with an idea and decided to build from scratch an all-in-one platform for teams of all sizes to.

·   Create Content,

·   Collaborate,

·   Communicate and

·   Complete tasks flexibly.

We call it Anywhere - because that is the idea all about!.

No matter how far or close your team members are located or what number they are in! Anywhere lets you connect and collaborate with them in one place both personally as well as collectively. Anywhere offers to streamline end-to-end solutions that require you to use only one tool to manage all your organization’s work. Anywhere is a collection of three different products

·   Anywhere Boards– Manage tasks, create boards, track the progress.

·   Anywhere Files - Manage data, store segregate, and share.

·   Anywhere Connect – Build social interactions, share value, earn rewards, and appreciation.

Anywhere Boards

Anywhere boards is the most flexible and important task management tool in the whole product suite.

·   It offers you a unique feature called 'Boards’ which can be flexibly used to manage work tasks.

·   A task board can be used for anything you would want to track – from allotting the tasks to your team, setting goals, tracking the progress, to keeping up with the deadlines.

·   Anywhere tasks, lets you do it all with just one single board.

·   Configure your boards to be shared publicly or privately.

·   Create Private boards with different team members and stakeholders.

·   Create Public boards to give the whole team access and initiate participation.

·   Create Shared boards and give access to concerned people even outside your organization.

·   Have real-time collaborations.

·   Track how much time your team members are spending on a task.

·   Add live public and private comments to discuss and give feedback.

Anywhere Files

How many software tools does your remote team currently use for project management, resolving the issue, managing data, saving it in the files and folders, and sharing it across?

·   Anywhere files completely cut the need to use multiple tools to manage your data.

·   With this tool, you can save, segregate, customize, and share your files with team members and stakeholders.

·   You can also create private and read-only files and folders.

·   With the customization option, present your files the way you want to.

·   Set a predetermined expiry date to your files when sharing.

·   Or Create upload only folders.

Anywhere Connect

The one important aspect which remote working lacks is the social life. At times, team members often find it lonely to be working away from each other. As a remote employee, it is almost impossible to see your fellow team members work and understand the company’s culture. Which is why we have built Anywhere connect. Your social hub where team members can meet and greet, chit-chat, participate in informal activities, earn rewards, and exchange them with real-world rewards.

·   Keep informal communications alive.

·   Ask questions. Learn from each other.

·   Build a healthy organizational culture.

·   Help your team members keep up their social life.

·   Appreciate and reward each other for their work and skills.

·   Pass on informal information.

·   Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and other important personal aspects to bring the whole team closer and together to celebrate.

Another important feature which Anywhere Connect Offers is ‘Wiki' which can be used to

·   Write informational articles.

·   Release note sand procedures.

·   Maintain new product releases.

·   Share personal blogs.

·   Help team members understand things better.

That is not it!

Anywhere connect also has Events that can be used to

·   Track important releases

·   Share important dates with team members and stakeholders.

·   Book online meetings with profile link sharing.

·   Schedule important private as well as public events.

·   Sync the events with outlook or your local calendar.

·   Auto status changes on meetings.

Last but not the least, anywhere connect also has a Rewards

·   Appreciate people for their efforts

·   Earn rewards with an inbuilt system.

·   Earn rewards for writing articles, sharing information.

·   HRs can convert these reward points into real-time gifts like vouchers, merchandise, etc.

While creating the Anywhere suite we have kept in mind the real problems which teams constantly face while working remotely. And with remote working gaining the traction, these problems are only becoming more widespread and prominent.

With our streamlined solution, we want to help organizations have seamless remote working experience, increased productivity, and high rates of employee engagement.

Anywhere aims to declutter the remote working space and save your organization 1 day per person every week.

Right now, we are running a Limited Private Beta for Anywhere for selected organizations. Companies participating in the beta not only have access to all premium features during Beta but will also continue to enjoy them at more than 50% discount when Anywhere is available for all. Participating in Beta also allows you to share your pain points with our team & we will consider them as features to be added in Anywhere for you. If you are interested to join the limited Beta program, head over here &complete the form & we will get in touch with you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your free trial right now. And let Anywhere make managing work tasks hassle-free for you.

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