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Introducing Anywhere - white-labeled PM tool for small and growing agencies.

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In a nutshell

Anywhere is a white labelled Project Management tool for small and growing agencies.


Well, okay, that sounds cool but what does that mean for my team?

Good question, let's explore:

Having being a small consultancy agency dealing with multiple clients for past 10 years, we have tried and tested a number of PM tools available out there but none fit our requirements for one or the other reasons. This led us to build a tool that worked the best for our teams & hopefully for other small and growing agencies out there.  

With this idea, we started building Anywhere.  

Okay cool. But is it for me?

If you are an agency that deals with multiple clients & does one or more projects for them, Anywhere is for you.


What kind of teams can use Anywhere?

Any agency that deals in consulting services such as SEO, Software Development, Digital Marketing & Sales can use Anywhere to manage their projects.  


What are some of the benefits of using Anywhere for my team?

Here are the 8 most important benefits of using Anywhere within your teams today:

  1. White Labelled: You can fully customize Anywhere to match your brand colors, logo, favicon etc. You can also use your own URL for ex. & even configure the emails to be sent from your domain. This allows you to use Anywhere as your own product with your customers. Using a professional PM tool with your customers that you can configure to be your own, makes you look professional in front of your customers & increases your brand value.
  2. Client Access: Since you are an agency working with multiple clients, you have access to all client projects in one portal. You can also invite your clients on their respective boards so they can see the progress your team is making on their projects in real time.
  3. Micro or Macro level reporting: You as the head of projects, have access to an account level Dashboard where you can see the eagle-eye view of all projects across all your clients. You can also see project level Dashboard which gives you the visual progress details of a specific project.
  4. Save time with Automations: Automate repetitive tasks to free up your and your team's time. Our Automation framework makes it very easy for you to automate a lot of your mundane processes. You can use automations to:
  • Send daily/weekly status reports to the customers.
  • Create customized workflows for your projects. e.g. if Task is done, assign it to someone else.
  • Get reminders of critical tasks x- days before they are due.
  • Set up task reminders and recurring tasks to save even more time.
  • Move tasks from one group to another when the status changes & many more..


        5. Multiple Views: Each board has multiple views & you can decide which should be the default view for each of your projects so your team works in the most             familiar environment.

  • Table View: An excel like row-column based view where you can group your tasks in multiple, customizable groups.   
  • Kanban View: Supports the scrum teams with vertical, customizable buckets.   
  • Calendar View: Sync your Google & Microsoft calendars with your Calendar views to see all important events in one place. Use the calendar view as your Content Planner.   
  • Gantt View: Used by Project Managers to plan & oversee large scale projects.  
  • Project Dashboard: A customizable project specific Dashboard that shows you a visual summary of critical data from your projects.   
  • File View: See all project files in one place. No more wasting time finding a specific project related file.

  1. Ease of use: Getting started with Anywhere is absolutely breeze. When you sign up, you are taken through a customized onboarding process that introduces you to all major features of Anywhere within 15 minutes. Each of your team members also go through the same on boarding experience so you don't have to spend time in teaching them how it all works. Anywhere is probably one of the most simple to learn PM tools out there & don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about us:
 "Ease of use. I have tried various task managers, and was specifically looking for one with a mobile app. However, after testing Anywhere it became immediately obvious that this was the perfect fit for my business." - Sara H.  
"Ease of use for backlog and sprints, efficient project planning and tracking. Easy day to day use to track progress of projects and tasks." - Vin B.

"Anywhere makes it easy for teams to connect and coordinate their work. With a simple interface that everyone can understand and use, teams can get up and running quickly without any training or onboarding needed." - Steve M.

  1. Exceptional Support: We understand that when you need help, you should be able to speak to us  immediately.  We believe that with great support, we can win your heart & at the same time create a long-term sustainable business. This is why we make it a point that our first response to your query in less than 5 minutes. We use Intercom for our live chat support. Here is what our current matrix on the first response time is.
Median response time of Anywhere support team
“Easy to setup, great layout and excellent customer service” - Imogen M.

"The support is SOMETHING ELSE. Response via live chat within minutes" - Fabian V.

Here is what some of other customers have to say about our support.

Feedback from customers on Anywhere Support


  1. Predictable Pricing: We understand that as a small team you would like to have a tight control over your finances. This is why Anywhere offers a Flat Rate monthly pricing. No more per person, per month charges or calculating active/ non active users. No more surprises. We have an offer for every team size.  
  • Less than 10 members => Starter plan for $20 a month for your entire team.  
  • 11 to 20 members => Basic      Plan at $49 a month for your entire team.
  • Up to 50 members =>      Standard Plan at $99 a month for your entire team.
  • Up to 100 members =>      Professional Plan at $149 a month for your entire team.

All our plans come with a 14-day free trial so you can give it a try before you make any purchase decisions :)

So if you are an agency that deals with client facing projects, give Anywhere a try & join over 2400 customers from over 800 teams around the globe.

Join the 14-day free trial today!

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