Introducing Anywhere - Project Management Software for Client Work

Introducing Anywhere - Project Management Software for Client Work: Introducing Anywhere - a powerful project management tool for teams working on client projects. With its brandable and dedicated client portal, Anywhere streamlines communication and organization...

Introducing Anywhere

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by to know more about who we are, what is Anywhere, why we are building it, what is our mission & how (& if) Anywhere is useful for you.

Let's go on a guided tour of how it all started!! -Ready?

Once upon a time.. Neah!! Just kidding. We will go straight to the business.

The back story:

Before Anywhere, we have been running a bespoke software development agency for over a decade & had used many project management tools to manage customer projects and client work.

Being an agency owner, I was still frustrated due to a lack of visibility across all the active project’s health & no insights into customer sentiments until the end of every customer project.

There was no clear way to answer questions like:

  • How’s project X, for client A going? Do I need to intervene?
  • Is the client happy with our services?
  • Will the customer become a repeat customer & bring a referral?

These were critical questions to answer throughout the project journey to ensure that the customers were happy with our services from beginning to end & yet, we were asking for the feedback & referral from these existing clients only once, at the end of our engagement when we had delivered them what we promised. We always thought it was the best to first deliver the value & then ask for a feedback & repeat business, but at times this was after a very long time, especially for long running projects.

Does this sound familiar?

Being a developer myself, I had to take a technical approach to solve this problem for our agency and other agency owners/ account managers dealing with customer projects who still face these questions.

That’s how Anywhere was born.

So what is Anywhere?

In a nut shell, Anywhere is a Project Management tool for teams working with external clients.

Cool, what does that mean? Is it for me?

Good question. The answer is yes & no. Let me explain.

If you are a team that needs to manage some internal projects where all participants are your inhouse team or freelancers, external resources who all work on the same project & have visibility to everything within the project, Anywhere is NOT for you. It will be an overkill to use Anywhere in such a setting. You are better off using other internal project management tools such as Asana, Monday, ClickUp or Wrike (:P) & if you need any help identifying which one is best for you, try our blogs. We have quite detailed comparison of them all. Need more help, chat with us & we will help you find a tool that works the best for you, even if it's not Anywhere.

On the other hand, if you are a team that works with external clients & need these client members to be an active part of your on-going project, Anywhere is for you.

We interviewed over 50 agencies in the US & figured what tools were they currently using for managing their client work & what were their frustrations with it & here is a common set of concerns we heard over & over again:

Not easy to adopt for external clients:

The clients do not access our project workspace because they are not invested enough to learn our PM tool. You know, any PM tool (including Anywhere) comes with some degree of learning involved & while you as an agency are happy to put the effort to learn how to use it, your clients don't want to put the same efforts. Moreover, if the clients are non-technical it makes it even harder for them to become part of the Asana/ClickUp/Monday workspace & make sense out of the progress from the list of tasks/ comments etc. All they need is a simple overview of project's progress & it's current status.

How Anywhere solves it:

Anywhere offers a dedicated, brandable client portal that your clients can access with a single click. The client portal is fully customizable for each of your different clients & projects. So you can make it as easy or as elaborate as per the needs & skills of the clients using it.

Anywhere: White labeled project management software with client portal

The communication is scattered:

If your customers don't use the PM tool your team uses, the communication becomes a challenge. The information is scattered across multiple channels including Slack, Email, Zoom Calls & more. This makes it extremely difficult to find the relevant information when needed. This leads to wasted time & a times incorrect implementations.

How Anywhere solves it:

With Anywhere all your communication is centralized & available in one place. Each task/ sub task comes with it's on contextual comments & you can even mark any critical conversation as Decision making it easy to find a list of all decisions made in a given project. Similarly, any comments under a task can also be marked as Blocker, putting the status of the task as Stuck automatically. Managers can easily use filters to get a list of all Stuck tasks & see the blocker tab under each task to see why they are blocked & help teams unblock. This saves the unnecessary time spent on zoom calls otherwise.
Along with task based conversations, Anywhere also offers a team/group chat under each project where you can collaborate with other team members as well as your customers right in one place. You can use the in-built Loom integration for recording & sharing screencasts & videos to better communication asynchronously.

Anywhere: White labeled project management software with client portal

No client/ customer accountability:

Since the weekly/ monthly status updates are done on calls/emails & other channels, there is no client accountability when you are waiting for feedback/ clarifications from the client. And because these records are scattered all over the place, it's difficult & time consuming to justify any genuine delays.

How Anywhere solves it:

Anywhere has a dedicated space for sharing status updates with your clients for each of the projects you are doing for them. It takes a only a few clicks to create an update & publish it. The clients get automatically notified of every new update & can access it with a single click. Clients can choose to use the magic link feature for auto login or can opt for an authentication based access. Clients can not only see the project status & details of the update, but can also share their comments & feedback which is all recorded in one place.
This ensures everyone in the team is accountable to keep the project on the track, including your clients.

Anywhere: White labeled project management software with client portal

No visibility on customer sentiments:

Since the updates are manual, over email or calls, you as an agency do not know how the customer feels about working with you and your team. Most agencies delay this feedback gathering to the end of the project by which time it could be too late for them & the customers would already have made an opinion about your services. Leading to a lost customer at the end of the first engagement.

How Anywhere solves it:

With each status update you publish for your clients, they can share a CSAT score & a feedback with you. You can see a trend of this score & the feedback right on your Clients Dashboard with a clear action that suggests if the customer is happy, not happy or if you should intervene in their projects & take corrective measures proactively.
This visibility into customer insights helps you offer a better experience to your customers proactively. Which leads to happier customers, longer retention & increased revenue from repeat business & referrals.

Clients Dashboard

No visibility on multiple active projects:

Most Project Management tools offer you a customizable Dashboard with widgets that help you understand some key states about a given project. They don't usually have an overall Dashboard of all active projects currently going on in your agency along with details like their current status, progress & if you should intervene to ensure it's on track.

How Anywhere solves it:

The Project Dashboard in Anywhere gives you an eagle eye view of all active projects along with their critical details such as overall progress, how many days remaining to finish the project, current status & more. This helps your project managers keep an eye on all on-going projects & ensure nothing slips through the crack & all projects are delivered on time.

Projects Dashboard

Loss of productivity due to formal communication

Ever had a situation where your team is more under pressure in the way they communicate within their project workspace just because the client is also part of it? Or an overenthusiastic customer jumps into every conversation & hijacks it (:P). A good number of agencies we interviewed reported that having the customers as part of their project space meant lesser communication in it & and increased communication in Direct Messages. This leads to loss of visibility & productivity.

Companies solve this by creating two project groups/ channels in their Asana/ Slack. One where the customer is also a part of it & only filtered communication is shared here. Other a private group where the internal team members can have all the discussion they need to have without being worried about customers overseeing it.

This leads to further problems of keeping both projects/ channels in sync & eventually is one of the major causes of losing the overall productivity of your team.

How Anywhere solves it:

Anywhere offers a Private Mode in Task comments, group/ team chat etc. Enabling the private mode ensures that the discussion is within your team only & the customers will not be able to see it. It's hidden from them. They even don't know the private mode exists.

This helps keep all communication in one place & be selective about internal vs external communication.


Extremely poor Help & Support:

Most big names our there are very poor when it comes to offer great support to their customers. Good luck if you need an urgent help. Most of the times you will be asked to send an email or fill in a support form & there is no ETA in terms of when you hear back from their support. Send an email today, get a reply in 24 hours asking for more context, respond with your answers & then wait again for 24 hours to get your first meaningful answer. If you still didn't get the answer you were looking for go check the forums or hire an expert & pay them extra. Sounds a familiar story?

Well, not with Anywhere:

We understand that the Project Management tool you use within your business is an active part of it. When you need help, we should be able to help you immediately. You or your project should not be blocked just because you are not able to figure a feature out or make something work as you expected. Reach out to us on the chat & we will respond within first 15 minutes, in most cases within first 5 minutes even. We will get on a call, work with you & help you when you need us, every single time. We are customer centric just like you are & we are very proud of it.

responce time

This is how we are totally different from the likes of Asana/Monday & ClickUp tools. The following diagram should help you understand this better.

responce time

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