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Why Anywhere

Before Anywhere, we have been running a software agency for over 10 years & has used many project management software to manage customer projects and client work.
Being an agency owner, I was still frustrated due to a lack of visibility across all the active project’s health & no insights into customer sentiments until the end of every customer project.

There was no clear way to answer questions like:

  • How’s project X, for client A going? Do I need to intervene?
  • Is the client happy with our services?
  • Will the customer become a repeat customer & bring a referral?

These were critical questions to answer throughout the project journey to ensure that the customers were happy with our services from beginning to end. Being a developer myself, I had to take a technical approach to solve this problem for our agency and other agency owners dealing with customer projects who still face these questions.
That's how Anywhere was born.

Founder, Anywhere

Benefits for using Anywhere for client work/ customer projects:

  • Increased visibility across active projects, their health & customers
  • A bird's eye view on everything you need to know about the success of your agency
  • Have one unified collaborative project space for your internal team members and customers alike with control over visibility of views & conversations from the customer
  • To have everything related to a customer project right in one place
  • Give your customers a superior experience right from day one with their own branded and dedicated, zero-login customer portal.
  • This and much more.

So, if you are an agency like us that deals with customer projects & struggling with similar problems as we did, you are at the right place. Connect with us & we will help you & your team onboard and see how Anywhere can help you answer these three critical questions.

We hope to see you around.


Supreet Tare

Supreet started Anywhere with colleagues Atul in 2018. Over the last 4 years he has been instrumental at taking Anywhere from a small Startup to a business.

Atul Koshta

Co-founder Anywhere, Atul started Anywhere with Supreet and worked on its technical aspects. Currently helping in technical and a few business aspects of Anywhere.