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About Us.

Who are we, why we created Anywhere & why you should trust us?

Who are we?

The team behind Anywhere is the same team that is behind Taritas. For over 9 years we have been developing enterprise software for our partners and clients across the world. L.B. Foster, Netpractise, The Tew group, Jaguar, Selenity, TGS, Virgin group, & Network Rail are some of our esteemed clients.

Why we created Anywhere?

Working with these world class brands meant always being ahead of our schedule and delivering the work on time, in budget and with quality. Working with them taught us the industry best practices in project management.  

Every client's needs are different and so are their processes. Over the years, our teams used a number of tools to manage the projects including Jira, TFS, Trello boards, Teamwork and many more.  But we always ended up managing part of the projects using spreadsheets. The reason was simple, spreadsheets are easy to learn, easy to customize and are great to manage your projects initially.

There are however challenges when working with a growing team & using spreadsheets (along with other project management tools) to manage your work:

  • Not easy to maintain multiple versions
  • Visibility & team collaboration becomes challenging as the team grows
  • Not being able to share other files easily related to task items/ line items in the spreadsheet
  • Difficult to manage the feedback/ comments on line items

This is where we started speaking to our customers and figured there are still a large number of small teams who manage their projects using spreadsheets. Because they face the same issues as we had, we created Anywhere to help them with:

  • The same flexibility as spreadsheets without having to manage multiple versions
  • Team collaboration with real time updates and guest access
  • Managing multiple projects all in one place
  • Being able to attach and share files related to line items/ tasks
  • Discuss/comment on each line item/ tasks and maintain a record  of discussions

Why you should trust us?

We understand building the trust is not easy, especially when you have to trust us with your details and data. Here is why we think you should consider us:

  • We are a small team of about 40 people located in central India. We understand the pain of small and growing teams. It's not easy for you to be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously & yet keep the costs down. Per-user, per-month costs are difficult to manage. This is where Anywhere offers a flat monthly fee, irrespective of your team size.
  • Making a switch from your existing processes to trying something new is a time taking process, hence we are offering a 45 day free trial for your teams. You don't even need to share your credit card details during the trial and you get all features of Anywhere. Although Anywhere helps you get onboarded easily & we have a number of articles and help videos to help you get started, you can still reach out to us & we will help you onboard.
  • This is our first time building a SaaS product in B2B space, we are very enthusiastic about making Anywhere useful for small teams around the globe. This is why we are offering a dedicated one on one support to all the teams who are joining us at this stage. We will listen to you, we are open for your feedback and will do our best to implement features that will help you better manage your projects. Let us know what we are missing & we will work with you to make it happen.
  • You can read more about our security practices here.