How we started Anywhere.

Here is a short story of why and how we started creating Anywhere and why you should care about it too.

Our Story

Our team has been working in project management for a very long time & one thing we have noticed is that, it doesn't matter what tools or services we use for our project management, we always end up maintaining at least one spreadsheet to manage the data. Now, don't take me wrong, spreadsheets are great in some situations, but in today's modern world managing spreadsheets & using them with your team for collaboration is just too much hassle.

This is where the idea of Anywhere came from. We decided to create a platform, from scratch, where teams of all sizes can collaborate & manage their work. As easy as a spreadsheet & yet flexible enough to cater to work in all your departments.

Since sharing files is one of the most important part of remote teams, Anywhere Files help you keep your files in one place & share them with your teams for a common project.

With a number of teams increasingly going remote, we also needed a place where informal chatter continues even in this newly found remote situation we are all in. Anywhere Connect helps you with that. It's an informal place for your team members to hang out, share information & passion together.

Together, Anywhere Boards, Anywhere Files & Anywhere Connect makes a perfect tool for teams of all sizes to bring their productivity back, keep on top of all their work minus the pressure of juggling through a number of tools & services to get the job done. Effectively saving time and money for your teams.

Get Started

Anywhere is the simplest project management tool available in the market, period. No unnecessary bells and whistles. We have designed it ground up to be simple & useful right from the moment you sign up. Do not take our word for it, give it a try yourself.

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Anywhere is the simplest project management suite for teams of all sizes