Why use Anywhere for your Startup?

  • Use predefined templates to help your startup with its product roadmap, marketing, team tasks, applicant tracking, help-desk management, and more.
  • Easily get started with your entire team.
  • Bring all your teams together on one platform.
  • Gain increased work visibility across teams.
  • Save time by keeping all your details in one place.

Customize workflows to fit different teams

  • Create boards to match your team’s specific needs
  • Use project boards to organize work
  • Access predefined templates available for engineering, project management, sales, marketing, and HR teams
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Automate repetitive jobs

  • Send status report emails
  • Update task status when a pre-condition is met
  • Move tasks to specific groups
  • Create custom automated workflows
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Store all your data structurally, query as needed

  • Create structured tables to store your data
  • Search and filter the records to find information quickly
  • Save filter views to see filtered data in one click
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Visualize your dashboards

  • Create widgets within board data to customize the dashboards
  • Keep on top of the KPIs that matters the most
  • Utilize user-specific dashboards so that everyone on your team can see what is essential to them
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Maintain contextual communication

  • Allow your teams to have focused, contextual discussions with task-specific communication
  • Save critical discussions as Decisions in an easy-to-access folder
  • Where required, mark comments as blockers
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Gain complete control over access

  • Create public boards and allow your team members to access them
  • Invite specific people from your team to collaborate on private boards
  • Use Shared boards to invite external guests (External users can see boards only by invitation.)
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Integrate with other apps

  • Integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and others
  • Use Zapier integration to connect to more than 2,000 external platforms and services
  • Send automated updates to other apps using predefined webhooks
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Anywhere is the simplest project management tool available in the market, period. No unnecessary bells and whistles. We have designed it ground up to be simple & useful right from the moment you sign up. Do not take our word for it, give it a try yourself.

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Anywhere is the simplest project management suite for teams of all sizes