Increase your brand value - White label with Anywhere

Increase your brand value - White label with Anywhere : Anywhere is the only white-label project management app that you can use with your clients and customers and feel really proud about. Increase your agency's brand value by adopting a fully adopt a tested and proven project management...

What Is White Labeling? 

A popular concept in the digital world, White labeling happens when a product or service’s original brand and logo are removed and they are presented under the brand name, logo, colors, and other brand guidelines of the ‘purchaser’ or ‘end user’ of those products and services. 

For example; If you are using Anywhere as your project management tool and you choose to white label it as per your brand, then all the emails, pages, and functionalities would be presented to the client as if they are an extension of your brand only. Helping you increase your brand value. 

An increasing number of businesses are opting for white-labeled services due to many reasons; 

  • They don’t want to invest in building a product/service but showcase it as their own. 
  • Adapt external tools/services as per their brand book & guidelines.  
  • Not disclose the tools/services they are using to build systems & grow their business in front of the external parties. 
  • It helps increase your brand value as a professional service provider. 
  • When you use a trusted & proven white labelled project management solution,  It helps you stay efficient and productive ensuring your client projects are done and delivered on time again increasing your value in front of your customers. 

How Does Anywhere’ s While Labeling Benefit Small Scale And Growing Agencies? 

There are many advantages Agencies can reap from white-labeled tools like Anywhere. 

An agency’s core business is where all of the energy, resources and efforts should be focused on. They shouldn’t have to waste time on building or developing tools to match their brand. 

This is where, Anywhere While Labeling comes in handy. 

Now, you can employ Anywhere as your project management tool with all its powerful functionalities to maximize your productivity. 

Without Even Disclosing The Tool To Your Clients & Third Parties. 

When we say Anywhere is powerful, we mean it! 

With its unique and one of its kind features, you can be better organized and thus increase your overall efficiency & productivity while handling & presenting your  project, clients, and systems… all under your brand name. 

When you choose to white-label on Anywhere, you can change: 

Brand Name  : Instead of calling your project Management Solution Anywhere, call it whatever you want. e.g. Client Portal, Project Portal, CMS etc.

Brand Logo  : Upload and use your logo. It appears on the app as well as on the Login page.

Brand Favicon : Change the browser favicon to use one for your brand.

Brand Taglines : Change the login page text to match with your branding.

Brand Theme : Change the Primary, Secondary & Highlight colors throughout the app to match your brand colors.

Customize Anywhere to match your brand colors

Brand Domain Name : Customize the domain name you want to use to open your Anywhere portal. e.g.

Customize the logo, text and the messaging on the login screen.

Brand Email : Send all emails within the system from your own domain. e.g.

Use your custom domain, email and change the appearance to match your brand

All in one go……and make it seem like an extension of YOUR BRAND. 

This means, when your clients and customers lands on your boards and projects, they won’t see, they’ll instead see the page as

You can even send emails from Anywhere with your personalized email ids such as

And to make this very easy for you, we have plenty of help articles & videos in our support center.  

Anywhere is the only white labelled project management tool that offers this level of customization.

So if you are agency, startup or a growing team and looking for an affordable project management solution, look no further. Use Anywhere for:

  • Managing your projects
  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Tracking Bugs
  • Task Management

& a lot more in your own, branded project management solution at a fixed monthly cost.

Try your free trial today.

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