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  • Your company name is the first part of your team URL. e.g.
  • You can also find the Company Name in the welcome email received from Anywhere.
  • Contact your team Admin, they can help you with it.

Anywhere Pricing

Find out which plan is right for you. Built for teams of all sizes.

Flat pricing, No per-user charge

Cost-effective pricing for your team.





billed monthly

Core features*

Most core features included
Up to 20 users
100 GB storage
Unlimited guests*
Blue checkmark image
Priority support
Blue checkmark image
2 Factor auth
Blue checkmark image
Custom filter views
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billed monthly

Core features

Everything in Basic +
Up to 50 users
500 GB storage
Board vocabulary
Custom CSS
Multiple Languages
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billed monthly

Core features

Everything in Professional +
Up to 500 users
2 TB storage
Custom Roles
Custom Permissions
Organizational Units
SAML / AD auth
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* Fair usage policy applies for all unlimited Users, Guests, Automations etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Can I start for free?

Frigging absolutely. We know how hard it is to spend money when you don’t know what exactly you’re getting. Plus, we are dedicated to the small team’s struggles! You can register for any of our plans above. No credit card details are required. You will have 14 days of free trial in all the plans that gives you sufficient time to get you started.

Question 2

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can pay for your subscription via Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX) via Stripe right from your account.

Question 3

Can I add more Admin / Invoice users?

Yes, you can add more Admin/Invoice users. This can be done in the product from the Administration/Subscription page.

Question 4

What are your plan periods?

All our paid plans are billed monthly from the day you upgrade to one of our paid plans. For instance, if you upgrade to a paid plan on 15th March, your account will be charged on the 15th of each month.

Question 5

Can I downgrade or cancel my plan?

Yes! Downgrading is easy. Just make sure your account is within the allowed limits of the lower plan. Please note you cannot downgrade plans or addons for 1 day after adjusting your subscription. It will be a shame to see you leave, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. Just contact support, and we will process your request.

Question 6

How do I upgrade to a paid subscription?

When you are ready to upgrade, just head over to the Subscriptions section under your account, choose the right plan and make the payment via Stripe. That's it. You will be upgraded to the plan of your choice immediately and start using all features under your upgraded plan.

Question 7

What about data security?

We take all possible measures to ensure your data is safe and secure with us. You can read more about security here.

Question 8

What happens to my account after the trial ends?

You will receive timely notifications before your trial ends, so you can subscribe to one of the available subscriptions. If you decide not to continue after your trial, your account will be disabled. You can get your account active again by writing us at hello AT We keep the deactivated accounts for 3 months post deactivation, after which we may delete the account, in which case you will need to re-register for a new account. At any time during your trial, you can export all the data from your Anywhere account.

Question 9

Can I opt for one of the available subscriptions right away?

Yes, you can pay for any subscription of your choice before, during, or after your trial. All payments are recurring and are securely processed via Stripe.

Question 10

Is there a trial available?

Yes, you can register for a free trial account right away and get all-inclusive access to Anywhere for 14 days. You don't even need to use your credit card right now. Just sign up & start using it. Pay us only when you are happy.

Question 11

Is there a Desktop/ Mobile App?

Yes, there is a PWA-based desktop available that you can download from within your Anywhere account. In addition, mobile apps for Android and iOS are in the works & will be available soon.

Question 12

What is a Work OS?

A Work OS (or Work operating system) is a modern, online platform that allows teams of all sizes to come together to plan, track and deliver their work using one single platform.

A Work OS:
Is simple to use
It brings different teams together on one platform
It allows customized workflows with automation
It helps increase visibility across teams

Anywhere is a Work OS that allows your startup to bring all your teams on one platform and helps you deliver more in less time.

Question 13

We are a Startup/ really small business are there any discounted plans available?

Yes, we love working with Startups. Please connect with us over the chat and let us understand your needs. We are more than happy to offer you a small plan that suits your team for a fixed small monthly fee.

Question 14

How is it different from Asana, Monday & ClickUp?

Unlike other project management tools, Anywhere is deliberately designed for small and growing teams and agencies. Anywhere is the only white-labelled solution that offers a lot of customization capabilities such as your logo, domain, email, your brand colors etc. None of the other PM tools offer this.

Easy to get started with. It takes minutes to get started with your projects and you can use one of the 100+ templates available in your account to get started in just a few clicks.

We offer an 14-day trial, so you and your team can be comfortable & feel right at home before you make a purchase decision. During the trial, you get full access to all Anywhere features.

We offer a fixed flat monthly cost structure for everyone. No more per month/ per user pricing so you don't have to worry about increasing your tooling costs as you grow and add more people to your team.

Exceptional support. More than 1500 agencies world-wide trust us as their go-to project management tool & they love our always online, always available support. We offer real-time support using chat & email. We go above and beyond to understand your issues & are offer customized step by step video guides & don't even mind hopping on a quick call with you to help with your questions. This level of support is unseen elsewhere.

Finally, we are a small team just like yours. During your trial, you can reach out to us with your suggestions/ feedback & any missing features that you feel are important. If your request aligns with our vision, we will make the feature available to you. We understand the pain of managing costs for products that cost on a per user per month basis. This is why we offer a flat pricing structure. No matter how big your team grows tomorrow, you can continue using Anywhere at the same flat price.