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What customers are saying about us

We place huge value on strong relationships and have seen the benefit they bring to our business.
Customer feedback is vital in helping us to get it right.

Fabián V.

CEO | Marketing and Advertising

"Very promising Airtable / Monday competitor"
I have started using it a few days ago.  I'm now playing with how to configure the dashboards to suit our needs, but I've been getting support very timely and really fast, practically live, as we go through the setup.

Shade A.

Branding Coach

"Give Anywhere a Try"
Overall, I want to start using it daily. My goal is to remove myself as the task management bottleneck and use Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

Jamie M.

Director Client Services

"Meets all our needs"
It has been an excellent experience. I have advocated for its use with all of our clients to manage projects and workflow

Heleen v.

Digital Marketeer

"Anywhere review"
The way you can structure the tasks, while also maintaining an overview of all the tasks is great! Also how you can fold and unfold the tasks and group is great if you're only interested in one specific group or if you sharing the dashboard with coworkers.

Nick L.

Graphic Designer

"Nick's Review"
I use it mostly for task and project management and overall I am satisfied
Its easy to use and makes keeping track of tasks easy.

Dr Gwen S.

OWNER Professional Training & Coaching

"This saves me so much time!"
Very satisfied to this point
I love the fact that I am able to place my projects in a board for my team to see and be able to flexibly change items, communicate and assign subtasks.

mudzakir m.

ads optimizerInternet

"best for productivity"
anywhere application is very helpful in a project in the field of digital agency, from the previous projects that were made using spreadsheets, now it is easier to apply after using the anywhere application

Cristoforo F.

administrator Computer Networking

"Good "
I came across this product by chance and I must say that I was very surprised and satisfied
Simple and intuitive product compared to many others.

Sara H.

Founder Retail, Self-employed

"The perfect fit for my business"
Fantastic platform and exceptional support team. I am way too busy to spend endless hours on tutorials and documents, and this software has been very meticulously designed to ensure that you can just get going and get the job done.

Vin B.

Director Information Technology

"Great tool for Agile Project Management"
We are using the software for project management and tracking the team progress.
Ease of use for backlog and sprints, efficient project planning and tracking. Easy day to day use to track progress of projects and tasks

Agnes B.

Coach Professional Training & Coaching

"Excellent produit"
Cela me permet d'avancer et de voir la progression de mon projet.
C'est un excellent produit pour suivre le travail de votre équipe ou le suivi d'un projet.

Daniel B.

Pastor Religious Institutions

"Great product for price. I love the one time payment and scalable packages to buy it in. "
What a great alternative to asana and trello.
It is a one time price. The customer support is tremendous.

Swara C.

Quality Analyst Information Technology

"Excellent Product!"
As the product name says 'Anywhere' it makes things easily accessed & managed from anywhere by anyone which helps to save time .

Steve M.

CEO Marketing and Advertising

"Get More Time Back with Easy Online Project Management"
My team needs to be able to work together smoothly, but most of the time their work is spread out and not linked. In the past, we wasted a lot of time and effort.

Kenny C.

Broker/Owner Real Estate

"Anywhere Review "
The product does so much. The developer continues to make changes for the better without increasing the cost.

Imogen M.

Owner Marketing and Advertising

"Easy to setup, great layout and excellent customer service"
So so so good and we look forward to seeing the future updates.
Very easy to customise, in the past we have had issues with programs not being able to be

Robert M.

Support Team Lead

"Anywhere looks great and makes keeping track of work easy"
I find it really good for tracking quotes and purchase orders, and also for keeping up to speed with our product roadmaps

Sebastian P.

CEO Information Technology

"Great alternative to Monday"
Basically, almost everything that we did on Monday
I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Monday, and Anywhere fits perfectly

Esmond R.

Office Manager

"A versatile application that has many uses. "
The use of Project boards and being able to customise the data types entered is very useful

Verified Reviewer

Marketing and Advertising

"Easy to use"
I really enjoy it
Perfect for teams especially working from home or remote I have setup clients and mulitple businsesses

Joel M D.

CEO Marketing and Advertising

"I love the flexibility!"
Still testing but I have a very good impression.
Many different Boards for different use.

Antra P.

Director of Customer Succes

"Awesome software for office management."
Our company loves this software. 3 cheers for Supreet.
Our company loves this software because it is user-friendly and easy to understand. Any new person can operate this software easily.

Meenal T.

Software Developer

"Good and a must try product"
I have more of interaction with the Boards, in which I like the overall look and feel and the facilities provided to track or manage the bugs/tasks.

Vaibhav A.

MD Cosmetics

"Best PMS tool"
Managing people have become much easier.
Ease of deploying the boards and fast customer support.

Viktor I.

CEO Small-Business

"Essential Tool You Need That Agile, Fast, and Easy to use!"
I love the Intuitive User Interface to create very customizable task management for each unique requirement for each department. It's simple to use, 10 minutes less to explain things for new user. It saves times and increase productivity! Congrats with the apps!

Alex H.

Owner Small-Business

"Focused, Accountable, and On Track"
The simplicity of Anywhere's interface. Anywhere requires very little training and is highly intuitive to maximize our team's efforts toward achieving our goals and necessary tasks.

User in Marketing


"Experiences from a previous platform to Anywhere."
I like how many templates for boards there are based on the type of task or project I am making. I also like the recipes for automation available.

User in Management


"Seamless, responsive project management absolutely fabulous"
Working with is so seamless, not to mention it's developer is super responsive. I have tried numerous project management apps that all seemed to lack in one area or another.

Aman C.

Customer Service Representative

The app is very user friendly and the interface is really good with wide range of functionalities and it is really easy to learn. The boards are customizable and you can keep track of your tasks, projects.

User in Computer Software


"Great project and task management tool"
What do you like best about Anywhere?
I like the ease of grouping tasks into different boards and lists