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  • Your company name is the first part of your team URL. e.g.
  • You can also find the Company Name in the welcome email received from Anywhere.
  • Contact your team Admin, they can help you with it.

Anywhere Updates

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July 3, 2023

Version 2023.07.03.0

Attention beautiful people & our lovey users! We have another update to make your Anywhere experience better. We are at it full throttle. Here's what's new🚀💥

  • New feature: Task Checklists => Create task checklists under parent or sub tasks, they are great way to help breakdown your large tasks even further. We use them as informal steps we need to take to complete the given task & the checklists are great for this. Give it a try.
  • New feature: Task based reports. Now you can generate a report based on the tasks in it from one or multiple projects, users & your choice of duration. You need timesheet for 1 project for the month, you got it. Report on pending tasks across projects, yep, that works as well. Apply your custom filters to create a custom report of your choice & export it as pdf, excel or csv.
  • Bug fixes: A number of functional & performance related bug fixes to enhance your Anywhere experience & make it even better.

June 15, 2023

Version 2023.06.08.0

Attention, project managers! We've assembled the Avengers of updates to help you save the day. With our powerful enhancements, you'll feel like Tony Stark in a suit made of pure efficiency. It's time to assemble your team and unleash your project superhero powers! Here's what your new weapon (Anywhere) can do 👍

  • Feature Hide the subscription reminder icon for guest user accounts. Helps reduce distractions and provide a clean interface for guest users.
  • Feature: Task details can be opened with a single click in the plan view. Effortlessly access task details for better task management.
  • Feature Close the left navigation & project navigation automatically. Helps provide more screen real estate for your project data.
  • Feature Simplified Signup process with only 4 fields.
  • Feature Changed the default vocab of new projects to Task instead of Item.
  • Bug fix: Resolved the issue of project other details resetting after renaming the board name from the board detail section.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug which was causing the UI to break when clicking on a non-scheduled task in the Plan view.

June 1, 2023

Version 2023.06.05.0

Who needs a magic wand when you have our updates? We've sprinkled some coding wizardry to make project management as smooth as butter. Get ready to be the Gandalf of productivity! But you need the deets, don't you? Okay here you go 👍

  • Feature Updated onboarding experience for new users who signup to Anywhere. Seamlessly start new projects and stay organized with multiple views.
  • Feature Updated user experience when creating new projects and sub-projects. We made it even easier for you to create & setup new projects with the flexibility to choose the default view upfront. Choosing default view is now available to all users under each of our plans.
  • Feature The application's time zone will be automatically set according to the system's time zone.
  • Feature Tons of improvements to the Plan view, making it easier to work with.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug with payment processing which was not updating user accounts post successful payments automatically.
  • Bug fix: A number of other bug fixes.

May 2023

Version 2023.05.09.0
  • Fixed: When creating a recurring task with subtasks included and attempting to reorder the subtasks within a newly added task created by recurrence, the order will not update.
  • Fixed: Table view data was not loading when the project was switched.
  • Fixed: Task ordering in the plan view did not match the ordering in the table view.
  • Fixed: File attachments in chat view were not showing up instantly.
  • Fixed: After changing the project term, the default view also changed.
  • Fixed: Users were able to edit the "Overview" default widget.

February 2023

Version 2023.02.03.4
  • Introducing Projects dashboard in Dashboard :Project Dashboard shows you a high-level summary of all active projects currently going on in your agency.
  • Introducing the new Clients Dashboard in Dashboard: This is useful for account managers, customer success managers, directors of customer success, and business owners who want to track and measure their clients' sentiments for improved service.
  • Introducing the Timer Log Report: This report is used for internal analysis and optimization of work.
  • New Project Setting: The new project setting wizard offers step-by-step instructions for creating a project.
  • Introducing the new Client Portal: The Preview option is a convenient way to see how a client or external guest will view shared projects.
  • Added View/Hide Feature for Agency and Client.
  • Added Project Update View.
  • Introducing the new Docs View: This view allows you to create and manage a list of all project-related documents.
  • Introducing the new Chat View: Use this view for project-related conversations with private mode and loom recording features.
  • Users can now send private comments.
  • Improvements in the Overview.
  • Added Default Widgets.
  • Introducing the Magic Link for the Client Portal: This link provides access to the client portal without requiring sign-up.
  • Add/Update Clients in Administration: You can add or update clients from the Administration/Clients screen.
  • Add Square Brand Logo: You can add a square brand logo from the Administration/Settings/Appearance screen.
  • Create Milestones in Plan View, Table View, and Kanban View: You can mark a task as a milestone in any of these views.
  • Set weekdays and add team holidays.

August 2022

Version 2022.09.01.0
New Features
  • New embed widget in Project Dashboards: Use this to embed anything from Google Analytics charts to Google Data Studio Dashboard, YouTube videos or any other external embeddable content.
  • New notification settings: Configure what notifications you receive & where you receive them. Makes it easies to only get notified about the items you care the most about. Helps you cut through the noise.
  • Copy Board: Create a new board based on existing by copying an existing board. Simply click the board menu options (3 vertical dots against the board name in board list) & choose Copy Board option to create a new board based on existing one.
Bug Fixes
  • A number of bug fixes & performance updates.

July 2022

Version 2022.07.13.1
New Features
  • Browse Board experience is updated. You can now visit any public boards in your account & join them from Browse Boards option.
  • Auto mode added in Numbers column. Enabling Auto mode calculates the function value (sum, average etc.) based on the child items.
  • Export to CSV now shows the sub tasks in a different column, making it easy to see the Sub Tasks of a task in the exported CSV.
Bug Fixes
  • Copy link of a task is wrong. This was creating issues when a link was shared with any user & clicking on it was not navigating them to the respective task.
  • Refreshing the browser page was navigating back to the project Dashboard view instead of the view the user was on. For. ex. if the user was on Table view & they refreshed the browser URL, they were ending up on the project Dashboard view instead of the Table View.
  • Exporting board data to CSV was throwing an error when there are blank phone numbers under a phone number column.
  • Move to group automation was not working for some users. It's fixed now.
  • If a user had any favorite boards, searching for a board & clicking on the Workspace was not expanding the workspace.
  • The newly created task was sometimes shown as disabled & even automation created on new tasks were not working. This is fixed now.
  • And other bug fixes & performance improvements.

June 2022

Version 2022.06.16.0
New Features
  • Introducing Workspaces
  • Board listing on-demand searching
  • Create new boards based on existing Sub Boards
  • Move a parent board to sub board & vice versa
Bug Fixes
  • Getting 404-page error, when the user clicks on board (user is board owner and creator )
  • Distorted UI if a video is attached in the comment section under the reply option available.
  • Adding tasks to newly created groups, throws an error message.
  • Previous users showing in member popup after board switch
  • Default view does not work for sub-boards.
  • Options are hidden (which appear on clicking 3 dots beside the board name) for the boards which are available in the bottom of the list
  • Create board popup title showing dual text (typo bug)
  • Organization list not showing

April 2022

Version 2022.04.09.00
  • Getting error and UI getting distorted , user which added a comment is deleted
  • My week is not showing correct record, if we assigned and change the date from automation
  • Notification is not getting received if we configure task dependency column in email configuration
  • Board owner unable to edit details from my week
  • User able to add <script> tag in login and registration form
  • Company name validation on register company page
  • Automation : To selected people check box is getting checked if we unchecked it and again re-open the automation

March 2022

Version 2022.03.02.00
New Features
  • You can now create new boards by importing CSV or Excel files. This feature is disabled by default, please let us know in chat if you need this & we will enable it for you.
  • More white labeling options like Brand name is added, which is tenant specific. All emails now use any custom domain if applied in your account.
  • Option to hide the default Anywhere loader under Appearance.
  • You can now set your own Favicon icon & Brand logo, which would be reflected throughout the application.
  • Earn monthly recurring revenue by sharing Anywhere in your network and generating leads. Use the new Partner Program link available in the left menu.
  • New Desktop notifications shows you notifications even when the Anywhere web app is minimized.
  • You can now preview the files under File View.
  • Board owners can now delete an uploaded file under File View.
  • New File Uploader implementation under File View allows you to upload up-to 5 files simultaneously.
Bug Fixes
  • No items is visible in Kanban View even if status column is available in your board.
  • Facing issue when numbers field is used and set it to 1-decimal
  • Columns not showing in a board.
  • Deleted task/sub-task are still displayed when searched in table view.
  • Calculation error in Table View. It is using the % value as the number.
  • 404 error is displayed when a user tries to access a board(public) which is shared by direct URL.
  • Number column footer not visible on board switch.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Move to group automation is not working.

Jan 2022

Version 2022.01.19.00
New Features
  • Table & Kanban view now support pagination. Loading 100 records at a time with an option to load more records.
  • Boards now remember the Group expand status. i.e. Any expanded groups will remain open on next visit of the board.
  • Archived Tasks can now be seen & unarchived from Board Settings/ Archived Tasks tab. Only Available to the board owners.
  • You can now have multiple board owners in a board.
  • You can now open the housekeeping tab directly from column settings.
  • New column added. Created At=> can be used to track the created time of a task.
  • Task actions now have two more options. Move task to the Top/ Bottom of the group to easily move the items at the top or bottom of the group.
  • Task Description now supports a Check Box List that can be used as a ToDo or Sub task within a Task itself.
  • Task Description now supports creating links.
  • When mentioning a user in comments using @ command, an email will also be sent to them.
  • Table View UX changes: The titles are now darker, placeholders are lighter, clicking an item opens up the Task Detail popup, hovering on the task will not show the checkbox or the tooltip immediately this stops the dancing of the tasks when hovering over them.
  • Now you can select a task by hovering over to the extreme left side of it.
  • Parent Task can now be moved into as a sub task by dragging & dropping it into another task with sub tasks.
  • Sub tasks can now be made a parent task by dragging & dropping them outside of their parent task.
  • View structure has now been updated. By Default, each board will open in Project Dashboard view. From here, you can navigate to any view of your choice directly.
  • The file upload limit in the file view has been increased to 200 MBs.
  • Task Comments now show a preview of uploaded videos. With options for Playback speed, full screen view etc.
  • Duplicating a parent Task will also duplicate it's sub tasks automatically.
  • On Demand Search & Filter: Search & filter will now always fetch the latest details from the server.
  • Kanban view now has an additional setting to configure the Date Column that you want to show in the Kanban Cards.
  • Help Videos link is now added to Help & Support menu option.
  • Now you can update the Text & Color of the default label options.
  • Settings/ Appearance now has a sample file you can download to change the color of your Anywhere account.
  • New Date Format added under settings/ culture info (YYYY/MM/DD).
  • Long Text now allows more special characters.
  • New custom style also updated the accent color at some more places within your Anywhere account.
  • Overall load performance has now been increased.
  • Table & Kanban View URL can be shared directly with other team members. Allowing them to see the selected view without having to manually select them.
  • Time zone list is now simplified so it's easier for you to find and use your time zone.
  • You can now see a live preview of your widgets with your data while creating new widgets.
  • A few new templates have been added for Creating a new business & launching a product on AppSumo.
  • Language support added for a lot more labels which were not translating earlier.
Bug Fixes
  • Date & Status of certain tasks were automatically changing for some users.
  • Task title was being overridden by other task title due to simultaneous changes from other users.
  • Now you can use Anywhere in more than one browser tabs simultaneously.
  • Caching related issues such as some items are not being visible or requiring a page refresh for Drag & Drop to work at times.
  • Inline editing of column name/ board name was creating duplicate column/ board temporarily.
  • When creating a widget, the board list also included archived boards.
  • Issues related with tasks not appearing to other team members on board refresh occasionally.
  • Custom Color picker was hiding behind the screen towards the bottom of the screen.
  • Creating a new board based on another board required checking the Copy Sub Items checkbox once to make it work correctly.
  • My Week was not showing some items when the Status for them was not updated.
  • Adding a new label in the label column & changing it's color was not reflecting.
  • High CPU usage when selecting multiple items in one go.
  • If a user changes the default Status Names, it will still work with Auto Mode / Deadline Mode.
  • Groups are collapsed when a search is cleared. This is now fixed.
  • Auto number column is not working for time being.
  • Drag & Drop will not work with auto scroll i.e. you can not drag an item from top of the list & drop it at the bottom with auto scroll. As a workaround, you can use the Move to the Top/ Bottom options available under Task Actions.
  • Audit Log page is throwing an exception for some users.
  • Filter & Search is not working on the Progress Columns.
  • ConnectzIt & Integrately Integrations are not working as expected, disabled for time being.
  • Exporting data from board is missing some columns such as Number column, Date Time column etc.
  • Applying filter only on Groups with large datasets may throw an error at times.

October 2021

Version 2021.10.24.0
New Features
  • You can now create a board based on another board and also optionally select a checkbox to copy the data, automation & widgets from the Source to Destination board.
  • You can now edit the default label, their text & colors as well.
  • You can now choose between DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY date formats from your account setting/ culture info tab.
  • You can now use Norwegian, Swedish, German or Scottish orthography in your board names and else where.
  • New Views: You can now work with your board date in Kanban, List, Gantt & Calendar Views.
  • New Project Dashboard: Helps you manage project specific widgets in one place.
  • Sub Tasks: You can now create sub tasks under parent tasks.
  • New Integrations: Integrate Anywhere with Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox
  • Calendar Integration: Integrate with Google Calendar & Microsoft Calendar to see your meeting/ event details right within Anywhere.
  • My Week: Helps you manage your weekly tasks from a single view.
  • Bulk Update: You can now update multiple tasks in one go.
Bug Fixes
  • Some users getting internal server error while visiting the Dashboard.
  • Clicking on Anywhere logo opens up a new blank tab.
  • Unable to delete the default ToDo board.
  • The Domain name validation now accepts only naked domain names & does not allow http or https prefixes.
  • The first group should remain open when visiting a board, when resetting a search or filter & when switching between the views.
  • System does not allow adding the Automation to send email based on Assigned To trigger.

June 2021

Version 2021.07.01.0
  • File View option has been added so that user can now view their Board in file view.
  • In order to guide our users about how to create board, dashboard; a feature of `Take a tour` has been implemented.
  • Help & Support now involves Help center & Chat with Support where various article are made available with the help of it user can understand Board easily & the Chat option facilitates to Chat with the team for any queries.
  • Payment modes have been added which includes different type of Plans.
  • Automation Recipes are included in the board & can be easily added to Board Automations which can be modified as per the requirements of the user.
  • A way to Enable/Disable Automation has been provided so that user can either enable or disable the automation as per their needs.
  • Number column automation is included with its help user can now create/update automation in Number column also.

May 2021

Bug Fixes
  • Board Settings: Allows you to manage access levels, display settings of the board and you can manage all your labels and Tags from the housekeeping option as well.
  • Access Settings: You can now decide the access level of the board & choose what other team members can edit.
Choose from one of the 4 options available:
  • Edit Everything: Allows all team members to edit everything in a board, including the board structure. This is the default value.
  • Edit Content: Only allow other members to update the board's data. They cannot change the structure of the board.
  • Edit Rows: Team members can only edit the rows assigned to them in a specific people column.
  • View Only: Make the boards read only for everyone.
Display Settings:
  • Change the vocabulary of the board.
  • Change the time display of your board to be either 12 Hour Clock or 24 Hour Clock.
  • Un/Freeze the first column.
House Keeping:
  • Manage your Label, Tag, Status & Priority columns from one place.
  • Add/ update the column options.
  • Reorder the column options.
  • Delete the column options not needed anymore.
Board Activity:
  • If you create a blank board now, it doesn’t come with pre-loaded columns. A blank board now only comes with the first default column. You can add any new columns as needed.
  • Administrators can now Unarchive archived boards from under Administration/ Archived Boards.
  • New Support menu in main navigation making it easier to get support when needed.
  • All new chat platform, making it a breeze to connect to the support team and get help.
Feel free to chat with us and let us know what you think about these new features. We can't wait to hear your feedback. :) 

April  2021

New features under work:
  • New board settings panel to have better control over board's access.
  • Kanban View.
  • Timer Column & Time tracking with a desktop app.
  • New onboarding experience.
  • Slack & Zapier integration.
Bug fixes:
  • location column - Proper validation should be there for Lat/Lang field.
  • location column - Rename "State" to County/State.
  • Implemented blank input validation in status, label, progress, and tag columns.
  • Implemented actionable clicks in status, label and tag popup.
  • Number column - Provide an option to choose decimal pointers (0-4)
  • Validate phone number column input.

February 2021

We are back with some new features in Anywhere this February. Here is a quick view.
  • Customizable Dashboards: See the summary of your data visually
  • Board automation: Create automated workflows to move the board items forward without manual intervention. Saves man-hours for your team.  
  • Automated email deliveries: Use automated emails to receive details of important updates in your inbox. Send status update emails etc.  
  • Linked Items: Now you can link a board item to another item on the same board or from one of the sub-boards.
  • Auto Numbers: A new auto-number data column to add serial numbers for your board items.  
  • See the new changes here:

December 2020

  • Email automation : Automate your email sends based on triggers you can define on your data. Use it as daily status reports, to get important updates about your project details or to keep your team and stake holders updated about the project progress.
  • Configure the content of your automatic emails: Decide what details from your boards are sent in your emails and how frequently. You can also decide what board groups should be used to fetch the details from.
  • Clicking on notification items now show you the item details in it's detailed view along with full activity history of all changes made to it.
  • Update board vocabulary: You can now change the vocabulary of your project boards to mimic it more closely to kind of items you are tracking in it. Choose from one of the 12 in-built options or create your own.
  • Add new items on top of the group, below a group or between any existing items.
  • New ID column: Shows you the read-only ID of the item. Click on it and you can also see the item details along with activity history.
Read more about these new changes here ->

November 2020

  • Team specific URLs: Now your team has your own URL. Just use <yourtenancyname>.</yourtenancyname> to find your link or check your email.
  • New on-boarding experience: We have created a new on boarding sequence that makes it easy for you to get started.
  • Templates: Now you can create boards based on Templates. There are over 30+ templates to choose from to manage your work.
  • Board Tour: You are now presented with a Board Tour when you login next, this tour explains the features of Board to your team members helping them understand how to use it better.