Anywhere Updates

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April 2021

April 2021 Release with some bug fixes:

  • location column - Proper validation should be there for Lat/Lang field.
  • location column - Rename "State" to County/State.
  • Implemented blank input validation in status, label, progress, and tag columns.
  • Implemented actionable clicks in status, label and tag popup.
  • Number column - Provide an option to choose decimal pointers (0-4)
  • Validate phone number column input.
New features under work:
  • New board settings panel to have better control over board's access.
  • Kanban View.
  • Timer Column & Time tracking with a desktop app.
  • New onboarding experience.
  • Slack & Zapier integration.

February 2021

We are back with some new features in Anywhere this February. Here is a quick view.

  • Customizable Dashboards: See the summary of your data visually
  • Board automation: Create automated workflows to move the board items forward without manual intervention. Saves man-hours for your team.  
  • Automated email deliveries: Use automated emails to receive details of important updates in your inbox. Send status update emails etc.  
  • Linked Items: Now you can link a board item to another item on the same board or from one of the sub-boards.
  • Auto Numbers: A new auto-number data column to add serial numbers for your board items.  

December 2020

  • Email automation : Automate your email sends based on triggers you can define on your data. Use it as daily status reports, to get important updates about your project details or to keep your team and stake holders updated about the project progress.
  • Configure the content of your automatic emails: Decide what details from your boards are sent in your emails and how frequently. You can also decide what board groups should be used to fetch the details from.
  • Clicking on notification items now show you the item details in it's detailed view along with full activity history of all changes made to it.
  • Update board vocabulary: You can now change the vocabulary of your project boards to mimic it more closely to kind of items you are tracking in it. Choose from one of the 12 in-built options or create your own.
  • Add new items on top of the group, below a group or between any existing items.
  • New ID column: Shows you the read-only ID of the item. Click on it and you can also see the item details along with activity history.

Read more about these new changes here ->

November 2020

Here is what's new in Anywhere Nov 2020 version.

  • Team specific URLs: Now your team has your own URL. Just use <yourtenancyname>.</yourtenancyname> to find your link or check your email.
  • New on-boarding experience: We have created a new on boarding sequence that makes it easy for you to get started.
  • Templates: Now you can create boards based on Templates. There are over 30+ templates to choose from to manage your work.
  • Board Tour: You are now presented with a Board Tour when you login next, this tour explains the features of Board to your team members helping them understand how to use it better.