Anywhere product updates January 2021

See what's new in January 21 release of Anywhere

We hope you all had a good holiday over Christmas and a fantastic new year. Wishing you all a very happy and productive new year.

While you were away, our teams worked hard to introduce some amazing new features in Anywhere.

Here is a summary of what's new:

  • Email Automations: Now you can automate your emails based on board data. Currently you can choose to send automated emails whenever the status, label or priority columns in your board changes. The emails can also be sent to specific people at a schedule you can decide and you can also precisely control the content and details to be sent with these emails.
    Use email automations to send important notification based on data changes, send daily status reports, weekly status reports for your projects.
    If your teams need to compile and send daily status reports, the new email automation will save them this time and they just need to spend less than 5 minutes ones per project to automate their status reports.
email automation in Anywhere

  • Item Detail View: You can now click on item menu & select Detail to see the item details in a popup along with Activity History.
Item detail option in Anywhere
Item details popup in Anywhere

  • Board Vocabulary: Since Anywhere boards can be used to manage different kind of data, it made a lot of sense to allow you to update the vocabulary of the board to align it more with the kind of data you are managing with them. With this new release you can change the board vocabulary from board options

  • Add new board items: With this release you can now create new board items on top of the group, at the bottom of the group or above or below any existing items as per your wish. Making it easier for you to create new items at predefined order. No need to create new items at the bottom of each group & then drag them to their desired position.

Add new items at your desired position in Anywhere

Add new items at your desired position in Anywhere

  • ID Column: We have introduced a new ID column. This read only column now shows you the unique ID of the column and you can also click on it to open the detailed view. You can also grab an item's unique URL and share it with other team members.
Add new ID column in Anywhere to see unique ID of the item

Add new ID column in Anywhere to see unique ID of the item

This and a number of bug fixes and small feature enhancements are available today as part of the updated Anywhere version 2020.12.31.0. Let us know which features you like the most in comments :)

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