Why is project management software so important?

Why is project management software so important? : Identify tasks, order and budget them, estimate time to fulfillment. This all applies to projects, but also to businesses. Understanding all the following steps might be essential to addressing the risks that every investment brings.

"First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end." - Aristotle

Why is Project Management software so important?

Professionals and companies have to manage projects to reach success. Project Management is the methodology that allows us to manage a project in a structured way. This means not making choices at random, dictated by instinct, but based on a concrete vision of the state we want the project to take us to. And in this scenario the role of project management tools is fundamental.

The first thought is that no entrepreneur would put capital at risk unless he/she had a reasonable hope - many would like to hear "certainty" - that the business scheme would become a source of profit. To achieve that, human resources, methodologies, decision-making approaches, and tools play a key role.  

We often find ourselves talking about and analyzing the needs of entrepreneurs or Project Managers: in most cases, we find that knowledge-sharing processes and operations are managed within adequate tools.

Let’s see the reason why PM software is so important to achieve results

Knowledge-sharing (with adequate criteria!)

To carry out a project, it is necessary for each member of the team involved to have access to data and be able to share any new information that arises during the progress of the work.

For example, regarding graphic material or multimedia files, it is challenging to think of storing them in the Cloud and working online because their size might not allow it: on the other hand, in a project management software, you’ll be able to keep track of the location of the files of every single project within the local servers (a text note with directions to reach the folder may be sufficient).

This is to say that it’s important for each collaborator to have in evidence only the information they really need: this way, they won’t be distracted by what is superfluous to them!

Task handling and asset allocation

PM software allows projects to be broken down into a series of tasks of different types that can be assigned to different people and placed over time. For each task, you can define an expected duration for the task, keep track of progress and see if it is taking longer than expected. This allows you to understand if there have been unexpected events or if the initial estimate was wrong.

For some types of projects, like e.g. construction work or Software Projects, it may be useful to define dependencies between the various operations. The bigger is the project (and the number of people involved), the bigger is the need to optimize tasks and assets. We had clear relevance on how Anywhere helped with this crucial step.

Cost and expense management

To carry out contracts and orders, companies can use internal and external staff, purchase services from third parties, and often might benefit of consultancy.  

A PM software should be able to calculate every single labor costs and track all expenses arising to obtain a true balance sheet of individual jobs.

Why all this? Easy! It’s to determine whether a gain or loss has been made.

Analyzing the expense items by category allows managers or team leaders to:

  • evaluate cost parameters
  • better organizing resources
  • make organizational choices

Time tracking

As Jim Rohn said: “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Broadly speaking, time tracking lets you track hours spent on each task and see the project as a whole. Indeed, time tracking measures individuals' efficiency and offers the team a means of assessing the significance of foresight metrics.

This visibility helps you measure the accuracy of work estimates, the effectiveness of workers…and it is simply essential for professionals and companies that have hourly employees or works with freelancers.


Even if you’ve opted for PM software, the process isn’t over yet because you also need to implement it. Thus, project management tools are not just for the project itself, but widely designed for the whole team. Finding the one that fits best, scheduling training sessions, and invest in making all this process more powerful, is a good idea to get things done….properly! What’s more, promote not only to team members but also to stakeholders in order to integrate it as fast as possible.

In light of all this, the question to ask yourself for your project is: how do you actually find the one that fits best?

Well, this is where we made Anywhere to be simple to learn & adapt by you and your team from day 1. So you can get started very quickly without having to spend a lot of time training yourself and your team on a new PM Tool.

Our customers love us for the simplicity of Anywhere.

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