What is a WORK OS in the simplest terms?

In the simplest terms, unlike the underlying software on your computer, with a WORK OS YOU and YOUR TEAM can run, plan, process, collaborate, track projects across departments with an online cloud-based software instead of using multiple applications to handle different operations and activities.

Understand WORK OS as a digital workplace, where teams from across departments can collaborate to plan, manage and track projects.

With Anywhere, we’ve built one of the most useful WORK OS for small teams. It is with features & functionalities of a powerful project management software you can use to manage any kind of work, communicate with each other within the realms of the project concerned, track the progress, and come together in the most streamlined way.

Now Let’s have a look at some of the features of Anywhere that make it a great WORK OS choice?

1. Building Blocs & Customizable Workflows

   If there is one thing that can differentiate between a great WORK OS from everything else, is its capability to let you CUSTOMIZE, however you like! 

   Because every team comes with different needs & if your digital playground isn’t flexible enough to adapt to your needs, it will start costing you both time & money in    the long run. 

   Anywhere provides you the freedom to:

  • Customize your workflows to fit the needs of your team. 
  • Create dedicated boards to divide work & segregate team members. 
  • Use project boards to organize & streamline big projects. 
  • And all this can be done in just a few clicks as it comes with a plethora of pre-made templates to fit in the different departments across your organization.

2. Automate repetitive jobs

   No more time wastage on the monotonous tasks! 

   The aim is to save time, minimize human errors & save those efforts for the high caliber tasks. 

   With Anywhere:

  • You can automate the daily emails. 
  • Update ask status when a pre-condition is met.
  • Move tasks to specific groups as per the progress. 
  • Create custom automated workflows for different projects.

   And with Anywhere, you don’t need any coding to do automation within the software.

3. Structured systems to store & access data

   One of the biggest advantages of using a WORK OS is that you can store all your digital files structurally in one place for the whole team to access anytime without the    hassle of procuring them over emails and losing the important time in between. 

   Anywhere is packed with features that make it an easy solution to store data in the most structured way:

  • Anywhere lets you create tables to organize & structure the data to be stored. 
  • You have the option to search & filter to instantly sort through the heaps of information. 
  • And you can even save the filtered views in just a click for always easy access.

4. Visualize Your Dashboards

   A good WORK OS lets you report, generate metrics and visualizations within a system. 

   Visualization is key to explain ‘what’s going on, ‘what’s the progress, ‘what about the resources’ and ‘data-driven decisions’ to your major stakeholders in just one look.    Visualization ensures progress, transparency & competence within the organization. 

   Anywhere comes really handy here:

  • You can create widgets within board data to customize your project/team dashboards.
  • Keep on top of the KPIs that matters the most to you.
  • Utilize user-specific dashboards for your team to constantly keep a track of what is essential to them.

5. Instant & In-context communication

   With a great WORK OS, you can stay on top of your communication game across the team and departments by leaving live comments, messages, feedback under the    work. 

   Anywhere keeps you in the loop.

  • You can create comments under the posts & updates. 
  • You can personally message a team member. 
  • You can give your feedback on the project. 
  • And you even get access to a separate dashboard where you can just hang around with your teammates for a chit-chat session.

6. Control & Security

   A WORK OS can’t be feasible enough if it doesn’t come with the right privacy & security. 

   With all your important documents, information & team details up on a platform, the right kind of security & privacy are an absolute necessity. 

   This is why Anywhere comes with: 

  • Private Boards, where you only add specific people you won’t share the information with. 
  • Shared Boards in case you want to access a certain board to external users. 
  • Public Boards, to share the common information with all the teams under your organization.

7. Integration & Collaborations

   With a good WORK OS it is very easy to use all the external tools as per your requirements but still, keep everything in place. 

   This is why we’ve designed Anywhere to:

  • Let you integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and other software and tools.
  • Use Zapier integration to connect to more than 2,000 external platforms and services.
  • Send automated updates to other apps using predefined webhooks.

We have designed Anywhere to be simple and intuitive. it's easy to get started with your entire team. We understand that switching to a new product is not easy, but if you have a small team that is working remotely and if you are looking for a comprehensive web-based tool to manage your work and projects, sign up for a free trial of Anywhere today.

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