Here's How I Generate a Consistent Pipeline of 15+ Qualified Leads Every Week: A Guide for Digital Marketers and Startup Founders

Here's How I Generate a Consistent Pipeline of 15+ Qualified Leads Every Week: A Guide for Digital Marketers and Startup Founders

Learn how to use a combination of powerful tools and insightful data analysis to turn inbound visitors into 15+  high-quality leads every week for your product/ services. 

If you are a Digital Marketer, Early-stage startup founder or someone who is in charge of lead gen in your team, you will agree that Outbound is tough. 

Most people don't acknowledge your messages on LinkedIn & Cold Email is definitely a mix of art & science & takes many iterations to figure out before it starts generating quality leads. 

Inbound is a great channel & if you are consistently creating useful content, chances are that you are already getting quality traffic on your website. Following this process helps you understand exactly who your visitors are & convert them into qualified leads/ trialists. 

We use a combination of 4 inexpensive tools to generate 10-20 high quality leads for Anywhere every week. 

The 4 tools we use are:

  • Clearbit Weekly Visitor Report => Free 
  • => $9 a month 
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator => Price varies 
  • Microsoft Clarity => Free & While not needed, does help fine tune the leads. 

Alright, so let's see how we have set these up & how we use them to generate high intent leads every week.

 First, the Clearbit visitor report. It's a free tool from the amazing folks at Clearbit. This tool is super simple to use & once integrated to your website, sends you a weekly visitor report every Friday in your email. It cannot get any easier than this. You can read more about Clearbit's weekly tool here

As you can see the weekly visitor report shows which companies visited your website in the past week. It shows where these companies are headquartered, what channel they used to visit your website & if they have high intent. 

For every company that visited your website, the report also shows what pages they visited & what channel they used to find you be it Social, Direct, Organic, Paid or Emails.

As I said earlier, this is a gold mine of data & helps you find high intent leads. 

Now that you know which companies are visiting your website every week, the next step is to find who could be the exact people within these companies to reach out to. And, if we can identify the exact person who visited your site, even better.  

Well, let's try & do that. 

You will see that one of the top visitors to the Anywhere site last week was from a large Switzerland based company & have over 1k to 5k users. Finding who visited your website out of these ~5k users is like finding a needle in the hay.

But here is the magic, we can use this visitor report data & cross verify it with the information generated from other tools in our list to zero down & identify exactly who visited your website. .

In this case, as you notice that they visited some pages on our website including a page called hr-processes & a blog on Dubsado vs Monday.

Let's go to Plausible next. is a Google Analytics alternative that I recently started using. I quickly head over to Plausible & apply a filter to see the visitor analytics only from the past 7 days. 

I also apply a filter to see how many people visited the hr-processes page as that's usually a less visited page on our website & should give me unique results.


As you will notice, I only have 5 visitors who visited this page in the last 1 week. 

As you notice in the first screenshot from Clearbit report, these visits were either Direct or Organic & as we can see in the Plausible analytics that all 5 visits were either from Google or Direct. So this information is not really useful.

 So if the channel doesn't work, let's look at the location of these visitors. 

So I've 5 visits from 5 different countries. That's cool. 

Next, I head over to LinkedIn Search Navigator & Search for all employees for this company who are in one of the above 5 countries. 

We got 24 possible people. These numbers may vary for you. 

Out of these 24 I further filter out folks who do not fit our buyer persona, doing this leaves me with 4 people. Which is quite amazing because now I know exactly 4 people who may have visited my website in the last week out of the overall 5k in the company.  

At this point I've two choices: connect with all 4 people on LinkedIn & qualify them or further drill down based on the data in Plausible & or Microsoft Clarity to find out which city my visitor visited me from & then use that info in Sales navigator to drill down to the exact person.

Which one you choose to do is your choice, I do both depending upon the company size & the details I can abstract on them. 

Once I've identified & drilled down to the last person or the last few people, I just send them a connection request with the intent of inviting them for a demo. 

To summarize use the location, pages visited & channels used data from the Clearbit weekly visitor report & cross reference this in Plausible to identify location of the user down to a city. Then use this data in Sales Nav to identify the exact people who may have visited your site in the last week. 

Depending upon the visitor company size & the pages they visit, at times, I am also able to figure out the exact person who visited our site. Since these are high-intent users, it also helps me connecting with them over LinkedIn & take this conversation forward.  

This helps me generate a consistent pipeline of high quality, high intent leads for our product week by week.

By investing time in understanding your audience, analyzing visitor data, and using the right tools, you can create a successful lead generation strategy that drives growth for your business. So, take advantage of this comprehensive guide and start generating more high-quality leads for your services today!

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