This is how Anywhere helps small teams make it big

This is how Anywhere helps small teams make it big : The one thing which differentiates Anywhere from other project management software is that it is inherently built for small teams by a small team. From daily tasks management, team collaboration, document management, tracking progress...

The one thing that differentiates Anywhere from other project management software is that it is inherently built for small teams by a small team. 

From daily tasks management, team collaboration, document management, tracking progress to dealing with the challenges, Anywhere is a flexible and powerful web-based tool designed to address the pain points of a small team. 

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Here’s how Anywhere gets things done or you: 

1. Integration

Anywhere offers wide range of integration includes Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and other popular software and tools via Zapier. You can integrate it with more than 2,000 external platforms and services. 

Anywhere also comes with predefined Webhooks that let you send automated updates to other apps with 0% hassle. You can easily manage multiple projects, files and teams in one single platform. 

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2. Customization 

Just like no two teams can be the same, their way of managing projects wouldn’t be the same either. 

This is why Anywhere comes with a high degree of customization. It’s your digital playground after all. You should be able to adapt it as per your team’s needs. 

From customizable dashboards as per the size and needs of your team to dedicated project boards to divide work & segregate team members. In just a few clicks you can design your workflows, however, you like. 

Or even better, you can just use over 50+ predefined templates. 

3. Automation

Are repetitive jobs killing your team’s productive time? 

With Anywhere’ s inbuilt automation recipes, the aim is to save time, minimize human errors and save your efforts for high-caliber tasks. 

Automate the daily emails, tasks, and workflows without any coding within the software. Use automation to send automated status emails to your team/ clients, keep the project boards up-to-date, remind your team members of their pending items, and more. 

Automation comes with 20+ predefined automation recipes that you can add to your board with just a few clicks. 

4. Structure and Storage 

Isn’t it a hassle to do a constant back and forth to procure a single file over emails? It’s equally confusing and time-wasting. On a small team, each team member and their time is a vital resource. That can’t just be wasted sending and receiving emails. 

This is why it is important for us to have all our data stored in a structured and accessible way. 

Anywhere is packed with features that let you do the same. 

It lets you Create tables, organize & structure the data to be stored. You can view your project data in Table, Kanban, Gantt view or can access all project files in a File View. 

With an option to search & filter to instantly sort through the heaps of data. 

And, the bonus point goes to the fact that you choose who gets to access what data. Hence, confidentiality is always maintained. 

5. Security 

With all your important documents, information & team details up on a platform, the right kind of security & privacy becomes a necessity. 

Anywhere helps you through it. Anywhere boards can be customized for security. 

Shared Boards can be used to give access to a certain board to external users. Use this with your freelancers, clients, or shareholders to give them access to specific project boards. 

Private boards can be used when you want to add and share data with specific people. 

Public boards, to share the common information with all the teams under your organization. 

6. In-context communications 

Staying on top of your communication is a priority. With Anywhere boards, you can create live comments, messages, and feedback right under the work. You can include your team members for discussion. And even get access to a separate dashboard where you can just hang around with your teammates for a chit-chat session.

Our small team has worked tirelessly on the idea of developing a streamlined solution for small teams, anywhere on the globe. And we are working even harder to bring in new features and improve Anywhere as per your suggestions. 

Believe us when we say this, you don’t want to miss out on a solution that has been MADE FOR YOU. And to make it even better, we have an exclusive and limited-time deal going on AppSumo. Check it out here.

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