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Team and Client Communication Simplified For Small and Growing Agencies with Anywhere

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The secret behind a productive and successful small teams is clear communication. 

But, like anything else in the business, communication too, often gets hindered by one factor or the other! And, especially in small teams. The inclusion of external factors like clients, contractors, third parties, etc. can break the flow of your teams ‘own way’ of communicating! 

As a small agency, you might have faced one of these communication problems:

  1. Not being able to explain and discuss things casually with your team members because the client is a part of the discussion as well! 
  2. Facing language barriers and not being able to put the point forward. 
  3. Team members feel conscious to talk in front of other clients and quit or switch to other modes of communication altogether. 
  4. Switching between too many tabs because your team members prefer to talk among themselves separately. 
  5. Missing out on the important stuff because of the confusion which juggling platforms bring with it! 

We’ve all firsthand experienced these problems! 

Communication can get messy at times. 

But the main problem is - 

Even with a small team, if you don’t have a streamlined, simple & clean communication solution, it directly affects your project process & progress and eventually your productivity. 

This is why we deemed it an urgent need to make some further improvements in Anywhere’ s already very streamlined and in-context communication feature. 

Imagine a project management tool that allows you to:

  1. Add Unlimited external and Internal guests to multiple boards and projects. (Clients, Contractors, Team members, freelancers, etc.)
  1. Customize their access and data sharing rights - You decide Who sees What!
  1. Communicate freely with your team members by customizing and limiting the visibility of your messages and comments to the guests! 

With Anywhere, you can create live comments, messages, and feedback right under  each work item. You can also include unlimited team members and clients in your projects for real-time discussion. 

But, NOW WITH OUR LATEST IMPROVEMENT, you can even customize the visibility of columns and chats to ensure only people you want, see your messages. This means no more juggling platforms, silent team members, or missing out on the important information!

Hide columns from specific people in a board, including guests and clients.

Reply to Client, a dedicated chat window for all client communication. All your internal communication remains private and within the team.

That's not it. 

We know, as a small scale or growing agency, you are working with multiple clients and on multiple projects. And we also know managing and streamlining each one of these clients and the projects is a hassle. 

This is why, In addition to limiting column and chats visibility, you can also adjust board access. 

Which means while you can add multiple guests to your boards and create multiple projects in each board, you can limit what all they can access. 

You are able to manage all of your projects & clients and coordinate with your team from a single platforms while giving only the required information and access to them

Amazing, isn’t it?

As an agency, handle projects for multiple clients simultaneously and invite clients to their separate, dedicated and private workspaces.

With Anywhere you have full control of your data, flexibility to manage your projects and freedom to determine how much you share!

Try it yourself. It’s Free. 

We are running a limited lifetime deal ending super soon. 
Start your free trial today!

*Some of the features mentioned in this article are still under development.

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