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How we are using Anywhere to manage and track construction work

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Track construction progress with Anywhere.

Anywhere is a very flexible platform & although not originally intended to keep track of our construction related work, we figured the best tool we had in our disposal to manage the work related to our new office construction related work, is in fact Anywhere.

This is how we are using it.

We created a Shared Board called IT Park Project. A shared Board in Anywhere allows you to not only invite selected team members from your team, but also to people outside of your organization. In this case we needed to invite our Architect, Engineer, Contractor & a few other vendors we are working with at one place. A shared board comes really handy to help us with this.

Next, we grouped the tasks by the teams. The first group being Current Tasks, where we list all the current tasks at hand. Rest of the groups have tasks related to them. This helps us keep a tap on the pending tasks by the category.

We used the column configurator feature of Anywhere to customize our columns so that we could maximize use of this one board to not only update the tasks, but to also keep a record of all contact details of various vendors we are in touch with.

The customized columns also help us record details such as overall progress, priority & current status of the items including next follow up dates. We make use of customized Tabs to ensure each Task is in correct status.

This also has one added benefit of allowing us to filter the Tasks based on their status', giving us a quick view of all pending tasks.

We can also save these filters as custom views for easy access the next time, so we don't need to apply the same filter again.

The next time we are on the board, we quickly select the View & we have all the tasks we need to Follow Up next on. No need to apply the same filters again.


Anywhere is helping us track our construction project ensuring we have all the tasks on track & keeping all stakeholders on the same page at the same time. It helps us save tons of time juggling between multiple vendors, saves the time in calling & communicating with them all. Everyone can come together &collaborate on a single board.

We have started rolling out early stage access of Anywhere to our waitlisted customers. If you are interested in using it within your teams, head over to Anywhere and register your interest today. :)

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