7 Top Project Management Reads You Shouldn’t Miss!

7 Top Project Management Reads You Shouldn’t Miss! : An experienced project manager doesn’t only need to organize their teams, meet deadlines, or stay within budget, it’s an art that comes up with lots of other complexities. Here are few top project management reads that can help...

Project management has always been an essential part of success in every industry. And with the broadening scope of industries and businesses all over the globe, it is also gaining popularity as a lucrative career option. 

If you are planning to venture into this field, you must know that with its complexity, PM brings to the table lot of adventure, learnings, and experiences. 

It is one of the fields which never gets dull! 

As a project manager, you are always on your toes to manage not just the planning and organizational settings of a company’s project, but also other crucial resources like employees, finances, technology, and intellectual property. 

This is why to make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of top Medium articles and a guide that will enable you to have an insight into each stage as a project manager and prepare to stay ahead in your career. 

Let’s dive into the list now: 

1. Seven Starting Points for the New Manager by Karl Weigers 

Written by Karl Weigers, a software consultant by profession and an author of 12 books, this article is a must-read for new as well as seasoned managers. 

In this article, Karl explores the fact that since project managers don’t receive any formal project management education, they miss a lot of important basics. He takes you through a list of early actions to improve both, you and your team’s efficiency and sail smoothly in your PM journey. 

2. Tracking Project Status with Requirements

Another one by Karl Weigers, this article throws the light on the most optimized process of tracking your realistic project status instead of getting stuck with a 90% done syndrome for a long time. 

3. The Seven Deadly Sins of Project Management by Ogilvy

Focused on the fact that project managers are the leader who should avoid a set of mistakes which make them look and feel any less, this article was written by Keren Nimmo, Vice President of Client Engagement at Effective is a must-read.

From teaching you the art of saying no to acting as a critical member of the team, it throws light on multiple areas that are critical to your career. 


4. Project Management Basics 

Written by Barış Karaman, this one is quite popular on medium. Baris shares his useful notes on project management. You can be in the industry and still learn a ton from this one article. And the best is that it supports a bullet point based structure which makes it even more useful and easier to navigate and understand. 

5. AI Business Science Project Management  

In this short article, Mark breaks down an effective system to merge AI with real-life project management to help people kick off their dream project in the current trending field. Again, an interesting read for people in the tech field. 

6. How Project Management Will Make You A Better Tech Lead 

Alex Bachuk, a Software Engineering Manager lists down 12 Principals to help engineering managers manage lead better in addition to their regular work. He further reviews various techniques to plan and organize projects and accomplish them to success. 

7. Project Management vs Process Management

Very true to its name, this article, by Ari Meisel, differentiates between the two alike terms and elaborates how each one can benefit you at different stages of your business in its way. 

To be a great project manager, you’d need to adorn more than one hat and apply multiple skills. While managing an organization’s project, you won’t just be a manager but a leader, a guide, a team player, and a mediator. 

And to accomplish the roles stated above, you would need to constantly update yourself with the right set of learnings. 

How do you keep yourself updated? Let us know in the comments below.

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