7 Hacks To boost your productivity while working from home

7 Hacks To boost your productivity while working from home : Here are some tried and tested tips to ensure your work from home is as effective as working from office without burning you out.

Tips to improve your productivity while working from home.

Working from home has become a reality too soon for too many people. While it is being adopted worldwide, as a great alternative to working on the go, without the hassle of a daily commute and reporting at the office premises. Many times, it also becomes the reason for disturbed work-life balance, blurred schedules, pending workloads, and overall diminished productivity.

The changing environment, the cozy vibe, or just the easy access to everything leisure and fun may make it a little harder to devote yourself entirely to work and not get distracted every five minutes.  

This is why we’ve curated a brief list of the most practical tips and easy to adopt hacks to ensure you a highly productive working from home experience.

1. Mark your work territory

No, don’t normalize working from the bed or couch. It may be very lucrative while working from home but, it tends to have very adverse effects both on your body language and productivity.

Define a working space away from your bed or couch based on your needs and the attention which your work demands are essential. Your working space can be as simple as your dining table or maybe a separate desk and chair in an isolated room for maximum focus.

Just remember to keep it free of distractions like the TV, social media, or leisure reading material such as books and magazines. Instead, equip this place with all the handy essentials like work gadgets, cables, notepads, pencils, calendars, etc. to have a professional feel and hassle-free working experience.

2. Tidy Up

Wait, tidying up while working from home? Are we joking?

We know this may sound very outrageous, but since we’ve just talked about defining your workspace, it’s also worth noting that you should keep it tidy and clutter-free.

Clutter is a distraction; you may not realize it instantly. But over time, it starts to take a toll on your productivity by triggering anxiety and making the environment uneasy to work in.

Also, remember to tidy up yourself. We won’t go too hard on the dress code but make sure, you at least practice basic practices that put you in a mood to start the day.  

3. Start your day on the right tone

Just because you don’t have to wake up early to physically commute to the office premises, on time, it doesn’t mean you can start your day as late as possible and start working in a half-dozed off state.

Setting your day on the right tone is extremely important to be productive throughout the day.

Wake up on time, freshen up, eat a good breakfast. And spend some time with yourself to introspect and harbor a strong mindset which motivates you to love your job, be grateful and work effectively.

4. Fix when to do what

The line of demarcation between your personal life and professional life tends to get very thin while working from home. Which makes it very easy to lose the right balance between the two.

This is why you need to be mindful and devote your time to both in a systematic and disciplined manner.

Don’t slip into scrolling social media or playing with your children during your work hours. Only to compensate for it later by working late nights or squeezing the hours out of the rightful family and self-care time.

5. Schedule Up

It couldn’t get more obvious. But scheduling your whole day is how you’d know when to start and stop. A schedule would help you in structuring the day and boosting productivity.

Start with planning your starting hours, breaks, laundry timings, and everything else that falls in between and beyond so that you can dedicate yourself to one task without having to worry about the other.

A fixed and clear working schedule would help you leverage your professional goals and relationships better. And with committed working hours, you can easily clear up the workload.  

6. Feeling dull? Take a nap

Taking naps is far better than getting lost scrolling social media or binging Netflix when you are unable to focus on the work. Naps are great to relax your mind, improve focus, and productivity during a hard or dull workday.

7. Remember to log off

As easy as it is to drift away from work while working from home, it is also possible that you get consumed in work beyond the working hours given the easy access to it. This is why setting clear work boundaries and defining work hours is crucial to maintain a healthy work-life balance and maximum productivity.

It might get a little intermediating to adopt the working from the home-style at the beginning with the right approach and some planning, you can absolutely nail it and can avail the generous amount of liberation, feasibility and other amazing benefits it has to offer.

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