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5 ways to get more SaaS customers for your digital marketing business

Supreet Tare
2 minutes


If you're a digital marketer, chances are good that you're already familiar with the SaaS (software as a service) model. It's been around for years and is one of the most popular ways to deliver software to customers. But despite its popularity, there are still quite a few businesses who don't know how this works or how it can benefit their business—and that's where you come in! In this article, we'll explore five ways that getting more SaaS customers can help your digital marketing business grow.

1) Turn your clients into fans by over-delivering

The first step in getting more SaaS customers is to turn your clients into fans. This means overdelivering on your promises, doing more than the customer expects, and making them feel special by providing something that no one else does.

Here are some ideas for how you can do this:

  • If a client has a problem with their website or application, offer to help them fix it free of charge. If they agree, then make sure you complete the project within an agreed-upon timeframe. Don’t forget about small touches like sending a thank-you email after an issue resolution!
  •  Don't forget about repeat business! Make sure that when someone signs up for your service again (and they will), they receive everything that was promised during their first visit—even if it wasn't specifically mentioned at the time of purchase.

2) Create a referral program and incentivize your clients to refer you

A referral program is a great way to get more clients and can be easily set up. It's also an easy way to increase your revenue by offering referral incentives, which means more money in the bank!

If you're not sure how to set one up, don't worry—we've got you covered! Here are some tools that should help:

  • Affise
  • Refersion
  • RedTrack
  • RewardFul
  • FirstPromoter

3) Be a content machine - create useful content for people in your target market

Content marketing is a powerful way to build customer relationships and drive more sales. And the best part? It's not just about creating blog posts—it's about creating relevant, helpful content for people who might be interested in your product or service.

How do you know if someone would be interested in what you have to offer? You start by asking them! If they say no, then there's no need for further contact; it doesn't matter how good your product or service is if nobody wants it (or at least not enough). But if they say yes...well then let's get started!

We've got some great examples of different types of content that can help:

  • Create a video series that shows how your product works
  • Write an e-book that teaches people how they can use your product or service
  • Create a podcast series where you interview experts in your industry
  • Write a blog post that dives into the details of how your product works
  • Create a free PDF guide that explains why your product is better than the competition's
  • Write a series of blog posts that describe the problem you solve, how it works, and what your product does to help solve it
  • Write a blog post about the most common questions people ask about your product or service, and how you answer them
  • Create an infographic that outlines some of your company's best features
  • Write a blog post that gives tips and tricks for using your customer's product
  • Create an e-book with helpful information about the topic covered by your product or service

4) Build trust by showing people that you are the authority in your industry

  • Showcase your expertise.
    You are a digital marketing expert, and you know what works best with your customers' businesses. If you don't have time to do the work yourself, why not hire someone who can? You might even consider outsourcing some of your consulting services so that you can focus on building up more clients and revenue instead of spending time on grunt work.
  • Provide valuable content.
    No one wants to pay for something they won't use or learn from—so make sure that whatever it is (podcasts, videos) provides value beyond just entertainment value and doesn't seem like just another sales pitch in disguise! You want them coming back for more because they feel like they're getting something significant out of their investment rather than just being entertained by someone trying desperately hard to sell them something online.

5) Generate leads with Paid ads on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn

To get more SaaS customers, use paid ads on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. These are the three most popular platforms for digital marketing businesses to advertise their services. The key here is relevance—create an ad that's relevant to your target market and target people who are most likely to become clients. The image or text should be eye-catching enough so that someone will click through from Google or Facebook search results into your website landing page. You can even include a call-to-action button if you want them to download something right away!

Follow this process to get better clients and more business

If you're looking to get more SaaS customers and more business, it's important that you take some time to make a plan. This can be as simple as creating a process for getting new clients or as complicated as creating an entire strategy for growing your digital marketing agency.

Whatever kind of plan you choose, it's always helpful to start by defining what success looks like for each stage in the process—and how much effort should be required in order for someone on your team (or yourself)to reach those goals.


In the end, it is all about getting more SaaS customers for your business. You can do this by following these five steps:

  • Turn your clients into fans by over-delivering
  • Create a referral program and incentivize your clients to refer you
  • Bea content machine - create useful content for people in your target market
  • Build trust by showing people that you are the authority in your industry (and then some). And finally, generate leads with Paid ads on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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