5 tested ideas to improve communication with remote teams

Shilpi Padarha
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Communication works for those who work at it.

- John Powell

The onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic has shaken the world at its core. From our personal lives to our professional, everything has witnessed a shifting landscape. Although the bizarre virus forced restrict us to homes, it has also initiated dialogue and discussions around changing corporate culture and accepting alternates like remote working.

In addition to some foremost conveniences and essentials like stable internet connections, power backups, etc. the one other thing which plays a forefront key role in remote working is a clear and systematic communication flow.

However, it may get easier said than done when your team is working remotely and communication becomes monotonous, time consuming, straight up generic and unnecessary.

Even the active presence at all advanced and instant communication tools won’t come to much help if your team leader sand members aren’t able pass on effective messages that are truly useful to the work and help in achieving goals optimally.

Which is why we’ve curated the following simple 5 step process to help you have a smooth and effective flow of communication from scheduling the meetings to executing them.

1. Schedule Vigilantly

One should properly understand when to schedule a meeting or a group call. The host of the meeting should have a clear idea about who should be the attendees. This would not only save time but also keep up privacy of the matters in place.

2. Set-Reset the duration

Before the virtual gathering of the people, the creator should set a sufficient time limit for a specific agenda. As to reduce the pointless discussions during the meeting/call and to reach a quick conclusion.

3. Is the call important?

Avoid meetings/calls to pass generic information, rather do it by a message or an e-mail. Always keep your team updated about your work and let them know any doubt that you might have at the right time.

4. Choose between Audio/Video

Sometimes, it becomes unfortunate that we misinterpret or misunderstand one’s intention, as we are not aware of the tone, expression, or body language when we are only into written communication.

5. Take Care of your team

Apart from the change in work culture that Covid-19 has forcefully inculcated in various industries, it has also made the world think about “Mental Health” which was somewhere forgotten by all. Amidst this pandemic, our mental and physical well-being has become more important than ever and needs to be worked upon.

Remote working is the call of an hour, try to make it work in your favor.

There's a lot of discussion around work from home culture, many claim that this new culture of work from home or remote working will last long and become the new fashion. On the contrary, some also say that this situation will not stay forever and is temporary. No matter how things get unfolded in the future, try to take advantage of the present moment. Try to allocate cost which is saved into new ventures, allocate the saved time into productive tasks, the whole idea is to make this new culture work in your favor.

Do you have any other tips to share to help improve the team communication? Please let us know in the comments below :)

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