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13 Best Project Management tools to explore in 2023 with: Features, Pricing, and Limitations.

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13 Best Project Management tools to explore in 2023 with: Features, Pricing, and Limitations.

At Anywhere, we take pride in offering a. Project Management tool created specifically for agencies doing Client Work.

We understand that figuring out which Project Management tool to use for your business is a tricky decision, especially when there are 1000s of options available out there. This is why we are listing 13 of the best alternatives of Anywhere & we will talk about everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

We understand that figuring out which Project Management tool to use for your business is a tricky decision, especially when there are 1000s of options available out there. This is why we are listing 13 of the best alternatives of Anywhere & we will talk about everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Take a look at the details below, and if you still need help, we are just a chat away.

Let's dive into the world of Anywhere alternatives!

We’re discussing features, pros, cons, pricing, and other nitty-gritty.




Asana is a popular project management software that’s used by teams. It comes with a range of features that helps teams plan, organize, and track the work.

Key Features Of Asana:

Create and Collaborate

Asana’s key feature allows users to create tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, and add details such as descriptions, attachments, tags, and create custom fields to track specific information.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, with Anywhere you can create tasks, group them, assign them to one or more people, add custom fields & use automation to ensure your project boards are always up to date.

Team Communication

Asana gives you pretty straightforward team communication features, including the ability to hold discussions, share files, and mention team members.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, Not only does Anywhere has Task specific comments, it also comes with a Team chat option where you can chat with your project team, share Loom videos with a single click & have private conversations hidden from your customers. Anywhere makes async communication for your team a breeze.

Real-time Tracking

Asana users can see a real-time view of what needs to be done and what is currently in progress with additional features like calendar view, deadline tracking, and Gantt chart view.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yep. With Anywhere each project comes with its own Dashboard, Gantt View, Table, Kanban, Calendar, Chat & Files. We have a specific Updates view that helps you create & share weekly updates with your customers.
Customers get their own dedicated, brandable client portal that you can fully customize & control what views and project details they see. Customers have a pretty shallow learning curve & thus don’t abandon coming back to their portal for updates.

Asana Drawbacks:

High Cost

While Asana offers a free plan, the paid plans can be relatively expensive compared to other project management tools. The Business plan, which includes advanced features such as the Gantt chart view and custom fields, starts at $9.99 per user per month. And, their Enterprise plan, which includes more advanced features and support, starts at $24.99 per user per month.

How Much Does Anywhere Cost?

Anywhere’s monthly costs are a tad higher than that of Asana but that’s because we add a lot of value to agencies that Asana doesn't. Anywhere offers 3 plans:

Start: Great for small agencies who have limited customer projects to manage. Starts at $9.99/ User/ Month

Grow: Our most popular plan, best for agencies having multiple clients & projects. Comes with Customer sentiment analysis that helps you retain your customers longer. Starts at $12.99/ User/ Month

Scale: Best for larger agencies who need granular control over access. Comes with Role & Access Management, Dedicated training, hosting & deployment. Starts at $24.99/ User/ Month.

Confusing user-interface

One of the drawbacks most users complain about is Asana’s confusing & overwhelming user interface. This makes it difficult for new users to get up to speed and requires more time to learn all of the features and train team members.

How easy is it to learn Anywhere?

The Learning curve with Anywhere is pretty shallow & we love helping our customers when they need us. Immediately! This is what our customers have to say about it “Anywhere makes it easy for teams to connect and coordinate their work. With a simple interface that everyone can understand and use, teams can get up and running quickly without any training or onboarding needed.”

Limited privacy

Asana doesn't’t support limited sharing which means, while collaborating on a project with other team members and external parties, you can’t hide specific tasks, putting your privacy at risk.

How Safe Is Anywhere?

Anywhere is based on Microsoft Azure & offers one of the best security for your data. Your data is end-to-end encrypted which means not only is your data encrypted when in transport (when you log in, your credentials are encrypted before being sent to the server & are decrypted at the server) but the data also remains encrypted at rest. This means in the database all the data remains encrypted & only when you access it is dynamically decrypted & shown to you in human-readable form. More on Anywhere security here Security (



Airtable is another project management software that combines features of a database, spreadsheet, and collaboration tool.

Key features of Airtable:

Powerful Collaboration abilities

Airtable has a range of collaboration features like sharing data, discussions, and assigning tasks within the team and with external team members with no compromise on privacy.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, with Anywhere you can assign tasks to one or more people, chat under a context of a Task or use the group chat with the Private Conversation mode to do your internal team only discussion, hidden from customers to share notes, have that informal communication within your team & record and share Loom videos with just a single click.


Airtable has a wide range of automation features that teams use to automate monotonous tasks within their projects. It helps the team streamline the workflows.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, Anywhere offers powerful automation on each of your project boards. You can choose to create new, custom automation that works on a very simple principal of "If this happens, do that". You can also use one of the many pre-built automation recipes to get started with only a few clicks & automate your workflows.

Project visualization with multiple views

One of the key features Airtable has is its ability to give you customizable views including a calendar view, Kanban view, and gallery view —still based on spreadsheets.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, each project in Anywhere comes with following views:

Overview - Show project progress, recent tasks, stuck tasks, milestones, stage wise progress etc.

Plan - Use Gantt chart to plan your project at a high level.

Table - Use the list like table view, add custom columns to manage your projects the way you need.

Kanban - easily drag & drop the tasks to move them across various categories/ stages.

Chat - Team chat with private mode.

Docs - Create new docs or add external docs from Google Drive/ Google Docs/ Dropbox/ One Drive & more to keep all project documents in one place.

Files - All screenshots, docs & every media shared under the tasks or in a chat is available in file view for easy finding, searching & sharing with others.

Drawbacks of Airtable

Difficult learning curve

Since Airtable is based on spreadsheets and comes with a range of customization features, it becomes quite challenging for new team members to make the best use of it.

Anywhere is extremely easy to get started with

Anywhere is so easy that each of your users can learn it in their first 15 minutes of interaction with it. Moreover, the client portal is completely customizable so you can hide/ show various views from your clients to make it even easier for them to collaborate with you, without having to learn the details of a new project management tool.

Lack of visualization.

In Airtable you work with tables & rows which makes it very difficult to create a visual reporting system.

Powerful Dashboard in Anywhere

Anywhere offers powerful & customizable Dashboard that shows project specific critical data & you can also see the health of all projects in Project overview dashboard with our intelligent recommendation so you never lose track of a project that needs your urgent attention.

Heavy Pricing

Airtable has 3 plans.

While it offers a free plan, the paid plans are quite expensive.

The Plus plan, which includes advanced features such as automation and custom fields, starts at $12 per user per month.

The Pro plan, which includes even more advanced features, starts at $24 per user per month.

Anywhere pricing

Anywhere is expensive than Airtable as its specifically designed for people working with clients & comes with a host of benefits for this category of customers which Airtable doesn't cater specifically.



Trello is an easy-to-learn, project management software with a range of collaboration features.

Key features of Trello

Visual Representation

Trello uses Boards, lists, and cards to represent projects and within each project, users can create boards to create lists to represent different stages —making it helpful for understanding how tasks fit together.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, Anywhere offers various views such as Overview, Plan, Table, Kanban & also offers a Group chat & Docs view to keep all your project data in one place.


Trello has a range of collaboration features: assigning tasks, leaving comments, and attaching files to help teams stay organized and keep track of their work.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Everything you can do with Trello tasks, you can do with Anywhere and some more. Anywhere also helps you mark critical task comments as Decisions or Blockers which are easy to find & saves a lot of time.


Trello integrates seamlessly with tools like Google Drive, Slack, and Evernote for an easy, streamlined workflow.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Anywhere currently offers integration with Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, Zapier, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive & you can use the embed view to embed any external views within Anywhere such as Google Data Studio or Agency Analytics dashboard.

Drawbacks of Trello

The limited interface features

Trello doesn't’t have as many advanced PM features. It’s mostly based on the Kanban interface and you don’t get the option of multiple views.

No task dependencies

Trello lacks native support for task dependencies. It’s a drawback for teams that need to accurately plan and prioritize their work.

No built-in file storage:

Trello does not offer built-in file storage. Users have to rely on integrations with other tools, such as Google Drive, to store and access files.

Trello pricing plans:

Tello has 3 plans. Free plan, Business Class plan starts at $9.99 per user per month, Enterprise plan. starts at $20.83 per user per month.



Swit is a collaboration that helps teams of all sizes streamline their PM process.

Key features of Swit

Streamlined process

The USP of Swit is that it gives everything your team needs to manage, track and report the progress in one platform.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Anywhere is better suited for teams working with clients & doing client projects.


Swit supports Google workspace and Microsoft 365 integrations —to direct your employees in one place.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, Anywhere supports integration with Google & Microsoft.

Timeline Tracking

Swit provides visual timeline tracking tools to help you manage your progress on tasks & teams.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, with Anywhere you can track time, add manual time, edit automated time (based on permissions) and generate a timesheet report.

Swit drawbacks

Missing depth

While Swit has visual tools to track timelines, you can’t use it for detailed reporting of progress —an essential part of any agency.

Use Anywhere to get in-depth reports

Anywhere offers a comprehensive report builder that you can use to build & share reports on work done, time sheet, project budgets etc. Making the life of agencies easier. What's more, Anywhere also help track customer sentiments & gives you intelligent suggestions & nudges so you know when a certain client project requires more attention. It helps offer a superior & collaborative experience to your customers helping you retain them longer & generate repeat business from them.

Monotonous task

Swit lacks templates & automation. Making it monotonous for teams to start from 0 every time they’re working on this tool —Monotonous tasks are a liability for your team.

Reduce & Reuse (automate & template) with Anywhere

Anywhere comes with 100+ predefined project templates & over 13+ automation recipes which are ready to use in any given project.



Jira is a popular issue management tool, primarily designed to support agile methodologies such as Scrum & Kanban.


Agile Boards.

Jira offers built-in agile boards such as scrum & Kanban to help teams visualize their work & move items through different stages.

Does Anywhere has this feature?

Yes, while Jira is more suitable for issue management, Anywhere is a project management tool for agencies involved in client work.

Real-time tracking

Jira has real-time data and analytics that can help the team understand the progress and keep a tab on the team’s performance.

Does Anywhere offer real time updates?

Yes, all updates in Anywhere are real time.



Teams have to use Jira’s messaging feature to communicate and share files. It doesn't have an inbuilt comment section. Does anywhere let you collaborate with an in-built comment section?


Since it's primarily developed for agile teams, it can be pretty difficult for the new team members to learn and adapt. Anywhere is simple.

No idea management

Agencies thrive on new ideas. And, new ideas should be managed as soon as they pop. But, that is not possible with Jira since it doesn't have any feature to support idea management,
With Anywhere you can generate & share new ideas with your team and customers via using Docs & Chat. You can also copy & share links of contents and social posts that you liked to create a centralized library of content ideas you want to try & use.



Basecamp is a project management tool that offers aflexible and non-hierarchical approach of project management in a centralized location.


Centralization of data.

Basecamp offers teams to upload, store and share documents & files in one centralized location, enhancing document management and sharing.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Each project in Anywhere can have its own Docs which can be created & maintained Inline. Along with Inline docs, Anywhere also supports embedding external docs from services like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Google Docs etc.

Detailed Reporting

Unlike Swit, basecamp comes with many reporting features that support real-time data and analytics to help your teams understand the progress.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Anywhere comes with a easy to use report builder that helps you generate various different reports for your agency. These reports can be used internally to increase the productivity of your team or can be shared with your clients for billing & updates.

To-do lists

Basecamp has a feature to let you create to-do lists with tasks and sub-tasks and assign them to your team members.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

With Anywhere you can create Tasks, sub tasks & assign them to one or more people In your team. You can set reminders & configure the tasks to repeat based on a certain schedule or predefined condition.


Limited features

Basecamp doesn't’t have as many features as other software making it less robust for teams with more complex requirements.

No time-tracking

Since, there’s no time-tracking feature in basecamp, making it hard for teams to manage work and track progress. No timelines whatsoever.
Anywhere comes with a simple to use & yet powerful time tracking.

No customization

Basecamp doesn't’t let you customize your project stages. You gotta use what’s already there, which might be sometimes – irrelevant.
With Anywhere, each project can be customized to meet the needs of the project & the clients you are working with.



The project management tool, Wrike is designed to support both agile and waterfall methodologies and help teams organize work in a centralized location.



Wrike support over 400+ plus custom integrations making work super flexible and accessible for all of your team.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

While Anywhere doesn't offer that many integrations, it does offer integration with some tools and services you use on daily basis such as Slack, Zapier, Google Drive, docs & calendar, Microsoft OneDrive, docs & calendar. Along with this you can also embed external views from 1000s of external services via link or embed codes.


With Wrike, members cross-tag across tasks, subtasks, folders, projects, etc to manage and organize a team’s work better.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Anywhere offers linking the tasks to other tasks as Parent, Child or as a dependency. Making it easier to track, follow & close.

Visual representation

With features like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and a dedicated dashboard, the visualization of project progress, scheduling, and viewing are enhanced.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Anywhere offers similar views in a more modern & easy to understand/ follow interface. It comes with a dedicated client portal that you can brand & customize as per the needs of your customers, who can access it with a single click.



Wrike is loaded with features. While it's a powerful tool, it can be very hard for new members to onboard on this platform and learn it in a short span.
Anywhere is designed to be simple, efficient & yet customizable to your needs.


Again, due to the volume of features, users often complain about the cluttered interface which can be overwhelming and unproductive for most teams.
Anywhere' s user interface is very clean & easy to understand.



Nifty supports teams organizing their work in a centralized location using agile methodologies and offers tools to facilitate communication and communication.


Project Portfolios

Nifty allows users to organize their portfolio in a more structured way with its folders and hence, streamlined their workflow.

Multiple views

Nifty lets users view their projects in Gantt Charts, Kanban boards, etc.


It lets users build a knowledge base, discuss ideas and collaborate with team members in real-time.


Cluttered conversations

Users complain that the discussion feature gets flooded with messages and since there’s no assigned comment feature, they miss out on important messages.
With Anywhere you can tag other team members in comments making it easier to notify & update them about it.



MeisterTask is another project management tool based on Kanban boards.


Drag & Drop Task Management

MeisterTask facilitates a wide range of features within task management including a drag & drop functionality for easy organization.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, Anywhere offers reordering of the tasks via drag & drop in Table View & Kanban View with this feature soon to be available in Gantt & Calendar views.

Custom Workflows

Users can create custom workflows that can be tailored to match your team's style of working.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, Anywhere is fully customizable to your project's needs & each project can be customized individually, giving you more control & making it easier to adopt and use.

Wide range of integration

MeisterTask integrates with a wide range of other tools, which allows the team to streamline their workflows.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, Anywhere offers integration with a lot of tools & services such as Zapier, Microsoft. Google, Dropbox, Agency Analytics & more.


Limited scalability

MeisterTask is not a good option for large teams due to its limited scalability & Kanban-only functionality.
Anywhere on the other hand scales well with larger teams & offers various different views for your team to work with.

Limited Customization

Customization is still quite limited on this anywhere alternative. For example, you can’t custom statuses.
With Anywhere you can create custom Statuses, Priorities & even labels & tags based on your needs.

Limited Accessibility

While you can run MeisterTask both on your laptop and on your phone, the phone app is quite basic and doesn't’t offer desktop-like functionality.
Anywhere offers a fully usable iOS & Android app with almost all its web features also being available on the mobile apps.



Hive is a project management tool suitable for hybrid work teams.


Multiple views

Hive made it easy to switch between views for increased visualization and project planning.

Hive Mind

A key Hive feature, the Hive mind let users automate monotonous tasks and workflows.

Time tracking

Users can measure how much time they’re spending on a task with hive’s real-time tracking tool. It’s also packed with other tools like proofing, customization, and reporting. Etc.


Cluttered interface

Hive often gets criticized for difficult to navigate interface and pushy notifications making it confusing for new users.
Anywhere is very easy to start & work with. This is what our customers have to say: "Anywhere makes it easy for teams to connect & coordinate their work. With a simple interface that everyone can understand and use, teams can get up and running quickly without any training or onboarding needed" - Steve M. | CEO | Marketing & Advertising.

Hive is expensive

Hive doesn't’t come with a free plan. You’ve to spend at least $16/user/month in order to use the basic features —which adds up to be a heavy cost for agencies with multiple team members.
Anywhere starts with $9.99/User/Month for all its basic functionalities & the most used plan offers all advanced features only for $12.99/user/month.


A big name out there, is a project management tool mostly suitable for large enterprise-level teams.


Customizable dashboards

With customizable dashboards, teams can see the work status and collaborate in real time.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, apart from customizable dashboards, Anywhere also comes with pre-built Client Overview Dashboard which shows client sentiment data & helps you understand how happy your clients are with your services. You can take quick corrective actions when a client becomes unsatisfied to bring them on a happy track again. Leading to a better customer experience management & happier clients working with you longer.

Seamless experience

Unlike other tools, this anywhere alternative works seamlessly across multiple devices.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, Anywhere works great on all modern browsers, have a desktop app for Windows & Mac & offers full features Android & iOS apps.

Calendar integration and real-time communication

Monday lets users see tasks & timelines in a calendar format, which makes it very convenient to see what needs to be done and when.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Yes, Anywhere also has a 2-way integration with Google & Microsoft calendar, making it very easy to keep your Anywhere calendar in Sync with your Google/ Microsoft calendars. Very ideal for creating a group calendar with your team & keeping everyone in sync.


Monday is very expensive

Monday has different plans but as basic as the plan is, as basic the features get. For example need a Gannt view, you’d have to opt for their standard plan billed at $10/user/month.
Anywhere plan starts at $9.99/ User/Month & offer better features for agencies doing client work. It also offers a fully functional client portal within the same cost.

Limited integrations:

Monday integrates fewer tools than other Anywhere alternatives. This can be an issue if your team relies on external tools to work.



Click-up is an all-in-one project management tool like with a centralized platform.

Key Features of Click-up


An inbuilt feature, with ClickApps you can integrate an added functionality like calendar, emails, milestones, etc to your workflows -just like extensions in your browser.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Anywhere has Calendar, Milestones, Time tracking & Team chat built in. So you don't need any additional apps, integrations or configuration to get started with them.


ClickUp lets users add links to related tasks so that they can easily jump from one to another.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

With Anywhere you can have a task related to other task as Parent, Child or on the same level as a related task. You can also enforce rules when creating task dependencies.

In-built recording

Users can collaborate with in-built screen recording in the click-up app.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

While Anywhere doesn't offer an in-built recorder, we do offer a single click Loom integration out of the box. You can record a video, your screen or both with the loom button available in Task Descriptions, Task comments & even on team chat.


Difficulty in identifying bottle-necks in workflow

Click-up doesn't’t make any easy to identify what’s hindering progress due to its limited reporting and visualization capabilities, limited real-time progress tracking, etc.
With Anywhere, you can create a smart filter view showing you all tasks which are delayed, overdue or stuck. Making it very easy to identify bottlenecks, fix them & ensure the projects & your team remains on the track.

Not enough customization

Click-up doesn't’t let you completely customize your workflows, users still have to rely on irrelevant stages for their project to pass through.
Anywhere doesn't offer any predefined stages that you must adopt to. You can create your own workflow based on the needs of the project & they can be different for each client projects.



Primarily, Notion is a note-taking tool but it can very well double up as a project management tool.

Key Features Of Notion


Notion is a clean, straight forward tool if used for simple tasks like note taking. It comes with a clean layout, lets users use a bunch of features and add team members.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Anywhere is a full-fledged project management tool for teams doing client work. It comes with a modern, intuitive, easy-to-use & responsive interface. Making it a better choice for agencies looking for a project management tool when they need to have their clients onboard & show them the value/ status as the project progresses.

Wide integrations

Notion integrates with almost any tool you want to use in streamlining your workflows.

Does ANYWHERE have this feature?

Anywhere offers some truly essential integrations such as Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Data Studio, Microsoft calendar, docs, OneDrive along with a embed view that can be used to embed external content from 1000s of external services such as Google Data Studio, Agency Analytics & more.


It’s not a project management tool

Notion is not a project management tool. While, it’s a great note taking tool with multiple added functionalities, it still lacks the punch a powerful PM tool packs in it.
Anywhere is a project management tool for agencies doing client work. It helps agencies offer a seamless, collaborative experience while managing their projects. Anywhere also helps account managers measure & track customer sentiments throughout the project's life to keep customers happier & retain them longer.

No real-time progress tracking

Notion doesn't’t have real-time progress tracking or reporting features except for time consuming manual efforts.
Anywhere offers comprehensive reporting & real-time updates suitable for increasing productivity of internal teams or sharing the progress/ status reports/ time sheets or project budget related reports with customers/ stakeholders.

Try a 14-day free Anywhere trial today.

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